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  1. The meaning of FOUNTAINHEAD is a spring that is the source of a stream. How to use fountainhead in a sentence. Did you know?

    • The Main Characters
    • Dominique's Marriages
    • Toohey's Villainy
    • The Skyscraper

    Howard Roark and Peter Keatingare both architects who are recognized as leaders in their field. Roark is championed by those who value innovation and practicality in design. He refuses to work to please anyone but himself and is nearly run out of the business several times for this attitude. Keating is respected for his ability to imitate classical...

    Instead, Dominique marries Peter Keating. She despises Peter because he is invested only in what people think of him. By marrying him, she hopes to destroy her own individualist and idealist nature. The marriage ends when Gail Wynand offers Keating a large architectural contract in exchange for his wife. Initially, Dominique hates Wynand as much as...

    Meanwhile, Ellsworth Toohey, who also works for the newspaper, spreads his ideas about personal sacrifice, manipulates popular opinion, and champions mediocrity. He uses his social power to attack Howard Roark because he is an individualist. Peter Keating re-enters the picture and things go downhill quickly. He is desperate for work and asks Ellswo...

    The novel ends as Wynand asks Roark to build Wynand Towers, a skyscraper that is to be the greatest in New York. Roark hopes this means that they can be friends again but Wynand sees himself as unworthy of Roark's friendship. He remains self-destructive. Dominique, on the other hand, learns not to let her despair over the state of humanity rule her...

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  3. See a complete list of the characters in The Fountainhead and in-depth analyses of Howard Roark, Ellsworth Toohey, Dominique Francon, Gail Wynand, and Peter Keating. Character List Howard Roark

  4. Fountainhead / John. Fountainhead is the newest member of the recovery forum, a once-wealthy entrepreneur and family man. When Fountainhead first introduces himself to the other members, he trips over his own ego and treats his crack addiction as a very minor issue, a psychological habit rather than a physiological addiction.

  5. Answer (1 of 9): Adding to Jack Crawford's excellent answer: a fountainhead is a source or a wellspring. Rand means that everything good flows from a source, and that source is a person's rational action for his own sake, i.e., the ego.

  6. Every man who has an innate sense of independence and self-respect, and a spark of the creative mind, has that much of Roark in him.”. In her first notes for The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand describes its purpose as “a defense of egoism in its real meaning . . . a new definition of egoism and its living example.”.

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