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  1. What is the name of the surgeon and the English ship he's on in Moby-Dick? What are the differences between an epic hero and a Romantic hero? In Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, does Gail Wynand commit suicide or only close The Banner at the end of the novel? I'm in a literary dispute over this!

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    Nomfitree in English is the name of a plant defined with Tabernaemontana ventricosa in various botanical sources. This page contains potential references in Ayurveda, modern medicine, and other folk traditions or local practices It has the synonym Domkeocarpa pendula Markgr. Define sheath.

  3. In their name she prays to God daily: "Forgive us our trespasses;" and with the brave heart of a mother she applies herself at once to the work of nursing them back to spiritual health. When, therefore, we call the Body of Jesus Christ "mystical," the very meaning of the word conveys a solemn warning.

  4. Jan 25, 1997 · The meaning of this statement will not be clear to the non-expert until each of the italicized words and phrases has been explained and featured in some examples. Doing this will be the main business of this article. First, however, we provide some historical and philosophical context in order to motivate the reader for the technical work ahead.

  5. Sep 14, 2022 · This is the residence of the current oba of Benin, who took the name Ewuare II upon his ascension to the throne, but is commonly referred to by his title alone. The oba captured by the British in ...

  6. Wahhabism has been called "the fountainhead of Islamic extremism that promotes and legitimizes" violence against civilians (Yousaf Butt) Between the mid-1970s and 2002 Saudi Arabia provided over $70 billion in "overseas development aid", [168] the vast majority of this development being religious, specifically the propagation and extension of ...

  7. Synonyms for share include apportion, allocate, allot, dispense, distribute, ration, divide up, portion out, divvy and mete. Find more similar words at!

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