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  1. jiggle definition: 1. to move from side to side or up and down with quick short movements, or to make something do…. Learn more.

  2. Jiggle. Basic Coord. Object Restriction Forces Cache. Object Properties. On Stopped. Enable this option if you want to wait until the object affected by the Deformer has stopped moving before it is affected by the Deformer. Local. If enabled, the Deformer will only affect an object when the object’s local coordinates are changed.

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  4. jiggle ( jiggles 3rd person present ) ( jiggling present participle ) ( jiggled past tense & past participle ) 1 verb If you jiggle something, you move it quickly up and down or from side to side.

  5. jiggled definition: 1. past simple and past participle of jiggle 2. to move from side to side or up and down with quick…. Learn more.

  6. May 11, 2013 · Making your Text jiggle is one of the cutest animation you can do in PowerPoint 2013 slideshow. Animating Text in PowerPoint slide show makes the boring slideshow exciting for the viewers. It helps the presenter also as audience is more focused on the text that appears on the slides.

  7. Jul 07, 2011 · This is the same jiggle pattern that icons make on the home screen when you tap and hold on them on both the iPhone and iPad. I've searched the Internet and have found a few algorithms but they just cause the view to rock back and forth which is not at all like the Apple jiggle. It seems there is some randomness in there as each icon jiggles a ...

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