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  1. A point made by a reader is that to establish the radiant part of a heatsink is to enclose it in an imaginary box, and the outer surfaces of the box define the radiation area. This means that if the sides, back (if exposed to free air) and just the tips of the fins are black, then that's all that's needed.

  2. Synonyms for focus include core, center, basis, body, essence, locus, nucleus, spirit, axis and backbone. Find more similar words at!

  3. A point that you are missing is one that is often overlooked and deserves a proper essay, but to keep it short: the quality of the products is affected by the business model. I contend that ads themselves are the waste, but it is not just those directly watching the ads that suffer from it. When a service becomes funded by ads, the best metric ...

  4. Music is proportionally great as it speaks to your soul. Many bands do that. They connect to people's souls in many ways. But Radiohead is different. Cause their "music" IS your soul. Radiohead is the sound of people's souls. That's why I put the word music in quotations. Cause you can't define the sound of one's soul. It is felt, It is lived.

  5. So at this point you do what Netflix is doing - start exploring other markets that you can use your existing skills to dominate. Now most likely that will fail, because by nature, you're taking the money from the home run you hit and betting on hitting another even bigger home run. For every 1 Netflix there were 10 failed competitors.

  6. Jan 17, 2022 · ** Define a new Field node input called “Inherited” or “Super” or “Base” with exactly one output. This output, semantically (but perhaps not literally) a callback like other Fields, returns the output from the parent library node group and determines which output to return by context (again, like other Fields such as Position).

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