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      • The biological definition of life is when a living matter, or any matter that shows certain attributes which include responsiveness, growth, metabolism, energy transformation, and also reproduction. Life comprises living beings, and they are segregated into groups known as taxonomy.
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  2. Mar 27, 2019 · In the early 1990s, an advisory panel to NASA's astrobiology program, which included biochemist Gerald Joyce, came up with a working definition: Life is a self-sustaining chemical system capable of...

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    Biology Homeostasis: regulation of the internal environment to maintain a constant state; for example, sweating to reduce... Organization: being structurally composed of one or more cells – the basic units of life Metabolism: transformation of energy by converting chemicals and energy into cellular ...

  4. Nov 23, 2021 · The first characteristic of life we listed was cellular organization. This simply means that living things are made of cells. Cells are the most basic unit of life. It doesn't matter if those cells...

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  5. Mar 05, 2021 · All living things grow and develop. All living things are capable of reproduction, the process by which living things give rise to offspring. All living things are able to maintain a constant internal environment through homeostasis. All living things have complex chemistry. All forms of life are built of cells.

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