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  1. Linear motion physics is also known as rectilinear motion. It is a motion on a straight line in one dimension. When an object travels in a straight line it changes its position along with the time taken. On the other hand, circular motion is an object’s movement across a circle or movement in a circular direction.

  2. Q27. Describe the term ‘inertia’ with respect to motion. Answer: Inertia of motion is defined as the property of a body due to which change in shape or change in uniform motion is resisted. Q28. State Newton’s first law of motion. Give two examples to illustrate Newton’s first law of motion. Answer:

  3. A few examples of this motion are a bouncing ball, a rocking chair, a swing in motion, a water wave, a vibrating tuning fork, etc. From the text on motion - types of motion and definition, we understand that motion of an object is the change in orientation/position of a body with respect to time and this change can be slow or fast (speed).

  4. NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics Physics Sample Papers. QUESTIONS FROM TEXTBOOK. Question 3. 1. In which of the following examples of motion, can the body be considered approximately a point object.

  5. CBSE Important Question Class 11 Physics Chapter 3 Motion in a Plane is provided here for students to help them prepare effectively for the exam. Subject Experts have created these questions after an in-depth analysis of the question paper pattern, exam trend and previous year papers.

  6. Jul 25, 2022 · Note that static friction - the friction that results when trying to put a stationary object into motion - is different than kinetic friction - the friction that results when trying to keep a moving object in motion. Let's say that our 10 kg weight is no longer being swung but is now being dragged horizontally along the ground by our rope.

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