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  1. Linear Motion Explained with Worked Examples – offers 100 worked examples. There are. two main parts in this book; one gives a broad explanation of the topic and the other. presents worked ...

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    Experimental fact: In free-fall, near the surface of the earth, all objects have a constant downward acceleration with magnitude g = +9.8 m/s2. (g > 0 by definition ) The term free-fall means that the only force acting on the object is gravity — no other forces are acting, no air resistance, just gravity.

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  4. 1. The Calculus of Motion 2. The Special Case of Constant Acceleration We are trying to answer the question, “What do objects do?” That is, we want to thoroughly describe motion in terms of position, displacement, velocity and acceleration and we have carefully defined these ideas. Quantity Definition Mathematical Representation Position

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  5. - Kinetic friction – opposes the motion direction – opposite the velocity vector - static friction – prevent the motion of the object direction – opposite the direction in which the object would move fs rrrr Major Forces: 1. Weight – gravitational force 2. Spring Force 3. Tension Force w mg=== r r T rrr F kxsp====

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