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    • 1. (in art and literature) a style and theory of representation based on the accurate depiction of detail: "his attack on naturalism in TV drama"
    • 2. the philosophical belief that everything arises from natural properties and causes, and supernatural or spiritual explanations are excluded or discounted: "this romanticized attitude to the world did conflict with his avowed naturalism"
  2. 1 : action, inclination, or thought based only on natural desires and instincts 2 : a theory denying that an event or object has a supernatural significance specifically : the doctrine that scientific laws are adequate to account for all phenomena 3 : realism in art or literature

  3. Description "Nature encompasses all that exists throughout space and time; Nature (the universe or cosmos) consists only of natural elements, that is, of spatio-temporal physical substance – mass... Nature operates by the laws of physics and in principle, can be explained and understood by science ...

  4. Sep 24, 2023 · Naturalism, in philosophy, a theory that relates scientific method to philosophy by affirming that all beings and events in the universe (whatever their inherent character may be) are natural. Consequently, all knowledge of the universe falls within the pale of scientific investigation.

  5. Feb 22, 2007 · The term “naturalism” has no very precise meaning in contemporary philosophy. Its current usage derives from debates in America in the first half of the last century. The self-proclaimed “naturalists” from that period included John Dewey, Ernest Nagel, Sidney Hook and Roy Wood Sellars.

  6. a representation of natural appearances or natural patterns of speech, manner, etc., in a work of fiction. the depiction of the physical environment, especially landscape or the rural environment. (in a work of art) treatment of forms, colors, space, etc., as they appear or might appear in nature.

  7. Naturalism is an approach to philosophical problems that interprets them as tractable through the methods of the empirical sciences or at least, without a distinctively a priori project of theorizing.

  8. Naturalism is the belief that nothing exists beyond the natural world. Instead of using supernatural or spiritual explanations, naturalism focuses on explanations that come from the laws of nature. Beyond the belief that everything can be explained using nature, naturalism is also a term for a particular style of art and literature from the ...

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