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    • Quantum Physics For Kids
      • Quantum Physics - For Kids. Quantum physics is a branch of physics that deals with things that are very, very small, and which are on the level of the atom and smaller. Many of the phenomenon that occur at this very tiny level are highly non-intuitive and make absolutely no sense, even to the smartest of scientists.
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  2. Apr 16, 2019 · Quantum mechanics is trying to use the physics of things at the atomic level to create effects in the macroscopic world – which is our world. What is superposition? Superposition is a system that has two different states that can define it and it’s possible for it to exist in both.

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  3. At some point, your quantum physics instructor may ask you to find the eigenfunctions of Lz in spherical coordinates. In spherical coordinates, the Lz operator looks like this: which is the following: And because this equation can be written in this version: Cancelling out terms from the two sides of this equation gives you this differential equation: This looks easy to s...

  4. Quantum physics is based on experimental evidence, much of which was obtained in the first half of the 20th century. The odd behavior has been seen in laboratories around the world, continually agreeing with the theory, despite all common sense. The really strange behavior occurs only on small scales; when you get to the size of cats, the ...

  5. An Easy Explanation of the Basics of Quantum Mechanics for Dummies. Next time when a physics professor says that the probability of your position at any given time, in the whole universe, is never zero, don't think he has lost his marbles. This is where we can start with an explanation of the basics of quantum mechanics for dummies.

  6. Quantum physics is tricky, even for the most brilliant of scientists, but you got this. Put on your favorite thinking cap, and here we go! Quantum physics is the study of things that are very ...

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