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  1. Synonyms for emerge include appear, arise, materialise, materialize, proceed, rise, surface, come up, emanate and issue. Find more similar words at!

  2. Synonyms for reflect include consider, contemplate, review, study, cerebrate, deliberate, muse, ponder, revolve and cogitate about. Find more similar words at ...

  3. Jan 12, 2011 · Many philosophers resile from a realist ontology of fictional characters just as many reject a realist—platonistic—ontology for mathematics. A very simplistic anti-realism about fictionalism might analyse such statements as ‘Oliver Twist was born in London’ as true (or correct) just in case that sentence, or a synonym, occurs in Dickens ...

  4. resile,” which means “to bounce or spring back” (from re- “back” + salire- “to jump, leap”; Agnes, 2005). While recognizing that words evolv e in meaning over

  5. The law of agency in South Africa regulates the performance of a juristic act on behalf or in the name of one person ("the principal") by another ("the agent"), who is authorised by the principal to act, with the result that a legal tie (vinculum juris) arises between the principal and a third party, which creates, alters or discharges legal relations between the principal and a third party.

  6. Oct 31, 2021 · A furious French President Emmanuel Macron has publicly accused Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison of lying to him over the scrapped submarine deal. Diplomatic tensions between the two ...

  7. Secondly, cancellation in only possible if the innocent party has stipulated for himself a right to resile or if the breach is so serious to justify cancellation. The most difficult question which arises in connection with breach of contract, however, is often that relating to the amount of damages which should be awarded.

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