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  1. stabilizing the body; protecting vertebrae, which send messages to the rest of the body. buttocks. back of the torso, just above the legs. cushioning the body when sitting; assisting in hip and thigh movement. waist. middle of torso. stabilizing the body; allowing the upper body to bend to the lower half. hips. lower sides of torso

  2. Here’s the fifth of the body parts worksheets. It’s similar to the printable above. This is a little more challenging. This one has 13 body parts for students to label. You can choose which of the worksheets works best for your students. The 13 body parts are: eye, ear, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, shoulder, arm, hand, finger, leg, foot, toe.

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  4. Charts play an important role in child’s early learning process. When an information is organised, classified, sorted and presented in a desirable form to the kids, they will develop an interest towards it. This what exactly the chart does. Chart should be high visible to the child. So that they can refer and identify each items in the chart.

  5. Body Parts – A Free to Print Kids Book Books , Charts , English , Grade 1 , k-12 , Kids , Kindergarten , Science , Worksheets 0 It is a big book of body parts.

  6. The heart is the center of the circulatory system and the lungs are the center of the respiratory system. In the nervous system, the brain is what does all the work. Inside the brain are nerve cells called neurons. Neurons transmit chemical messages through synapses, which causes the body to act in a certain way.

  7. Check out our various collections of free printable Body parts worksheets that are perfect for children learning about the different parts of the body. These worksheets helps your child learn about the body with a body parts of Human, Birds, Fish, Animals, Domestic Animals, Sea Animals, Sea Birds and more…. Body Parts.

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