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    • 1. abrupt evolutionary change; sudden large-scale mutation: "new genetic characters appear suddenly by saltation"
    • 2. the movement of hard particles such as sand over an uneven surface in a turbulent flow of air or water: "the distance traveled by each grain during saltation"

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      • saltation. (sælˈteɪʃən) n. 1. (Biology) biologyan abrupt variation in the appearance of an organism, species, etc, usually caused by genetic mutation. 2. (Geological Science) geologythe leaping movement of sand or soil particles carried in water or by the wind. 3.
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    5 days ago · Mutations can involve the duplication of large sections of DNA, usually through genetic recombination. These duplications are a major source of raw material for evolving new genes, with tens to hundreds of genes duplicated in animal genomes every million years. Most genes belong to larger gene families of shared ancestry, detectable by their ...

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    4 days ago · However, these types of definition would inevitably leave any related species that are slightly more primitive out of the Pterosauria. To remedy this, a new definition was proposed that would anchor the name not to any particular species but to an anatomical feature, the presence of an enlarged fourth finger that supports a wing membrane.

  4. Oct 13, 2021 · Rounded pebbles and rocks. Abrasion. Abrasion is a form of erosion caused by rubbing of fine particles against an object. The effect is much the same as using sandpaper.

    • Evolution Has Never Been Observed
    • Evolution Violates The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
    • There Are No Transitional Fossils
    • Evolution Is only A Theory; It Hasn’T Been Proved

    Evolution or Variation?

    Duck wastes no time in dispensing semantic subterfuge immediately after claiming to “think it best to define our terms before we begin.” In the process of “defining” the terms, he uses a classic evolutionist tactic to blur the distinctions between the very same terms. This is a popular approach among many of evolution’s proponents: The more authoritative they can appear (by “defining terms” for their readers), and the more synonymously they can define various terms (by using technically legal...

    Dobzhansky’s Fruit Flies

    Wayne Duck: “Evolution has no direction: evolution is not a goal seeking process. It is not looking to make more complex things or even create species.” The Truth:Mr. Duck is blowing smoke. Nobody asked him initially to defend evolution as a “goal seeking process”—but if we are to believe that it can indeed “make more complex things or even create species” (whether it is “looking to” do so or not), a detailed explanation is in order. Duck is side-stepping his responsibility as an evolutionist...

    Observed Instances FAQ

    Wayne Duck: “[Wallace] is attacking the data with an invalid definition of evolution and variation, as I have already pointed out. This makes his objections to this section totally meaningless.” The Truth:I believe I have already explained how my definitions are in fact quite valid, and why it is Mr. Duck who has resorted to ambiguous and questionable terminology. He is relying on his earlier false accusations to avoid dealing with the weaknesses of evolution in a straightforward manner. Wayn...

    Wayne Duck: “Wallace does not point to any empirical data to support his position.” The Truth:Mr. Duck apparently failed to notice that Mark Isaak was addressing matters in general terms (citing no empirical data), and I responded in like manner. Though it would be a double-standard to require of me what he won’t require of Isaak, I’m pleased to say Duck will at least find supporting references in the balance of my essay and elsewhere on the TrueOrigin site. Wayne Duck: “[Wallace] wants desperately to ally himself with the scientific literature as a show of credibility.” The Truth:Duck is referring my citations of several respected evolutionists whose statements reveal in some measure the challenge posed to Darwinian macro-evolution by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Their words speak for themselves. Perhaps Mr. Duck should make up his mind: Does he want references or not? Is my supplying them appropriate, or is it an act of “desperation”? Wayne Duck: “[Wallace’s] selected quotati...

    Wayne Duck: “Of the five sections of Wallace’s rebuttal, this is the most difficult to understand. Not because the concepts are difficult, but because they are many and varied. ... It is, because of its varied and dynamic nature, a topic Wallace can exploit in his attempt to portray evolution as inadequate to describe nature.” The Truth:If it is a form of “exploitation” to observe from the straightforward empirical facts of nature that evolution is inadequate to explain them, then I am guilty as charged.

    Wayne Duck: “In this section of his FAQ, Wallace does not present any references. Mostly, Wallace uses arguments already presentedelsewhere in his FAQ to attack Isaak. Most of these arguments have been addressed within mycritique, and shown not to be supported by scientific references as Wallace would have youbelieve. As such, I will not address most of this section.” The Truth:Again Duck makes much of “scientific references”—these having been largely his focus, much more than than dealing directly and honestly with the arguments of either Isaak or myself. Wayne Duck: “Wallace’s claim that there is no evidence is not true.” The Truth: My claim was not that there is “no evidence”—but that there is a serious lack of truly supportive, unequivocalevidence. If Mr. Duck thinks (as does Isaak) that “lots of” evidence abounds, unequivocally supporting evolution, why has he failed to cite any of it? Duck began his critique of me by shouting, “NOWHERE IN HIS FAQ DOES HE POINT TO ANY DATA TO S...

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    Oct 13, 2021 · { "cols":"name,category,x,xcat,y,ycat,z,zcat,b,bcat,agents,rules,processes,literatur", "tabs":[ { "name":"Default", "cols":"name,category,x,xcat,y,ycat" },{ "name ...

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