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  1. Spring force is the description of the force that causes the spring to rebound. It is a characteristic of the material at a molecular level and its three-dimensional shape on a macro level. Hooke’s law is the customary formula for calculating this force. Constant pressure on a surface may be all that is required of a spring in a mechanism.

  2. Solved Examples for Spring Force Formula. Q.1: A spring has a length of 22 cm per s. If it is loaded with 2 kg weight, then it gets stretched by 38 cm per sec. Determine its spring constant using Spring Force Formula. Solution: Known parameters are, (Mass) m = 2 kg, (initial length) = 22 cm, (displacement) x = 38 cm. Final displacement = = 0.16 m.

  3. 1. Define spring force and spring constant. Define spring potential energy with equation. 2. The spring is stretched horizontally by an applied force Fap. If a spring is stretched 12.0 cm by Fap = 92 N, what is the force constant of the spring? What is the potential energy stored in the spring? 3. springs can be arranged as parallel or series.

  4. The force needed to stretch or compress a spring is proportional to its change in length. This is known as Hooke's law and it works for many spring-like things.

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    The tension force is directed along the length of the wire and pulls equally on the objects on the opposite ends of the wire. Return to Top: Spring Force F spring: The spring force is the force exerted by a compressed or stretched spring upon any object that is attached to it.

  6. Spring definition is - dart, shoot. How to use spring in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of spring. ... to issue with speed and force or as a stream tears spring from ...

  7. A constant-force spring is a spring for which the force it exerts over its range of motion is a constant.That is, it does not obey Hooke's law. Generally constant-force springs are constructed as a rolled ribbon of spring steel such that the spring is relaxed when it is fully rolled up.

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