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    • 1. relating to or forming part of the structure of a building or other item: "the blast left ten buildings with major structural damage"
      • 1. a. Of, relating to, having, or characterized by structure: structural simplicity. b. Affecting structure: structural damage. 2. Used in or necessary to building: structural beams. 3. Concerned with or resulting from political or especially economic structure. 4.
  2. 1. : of or relating to the physical makeup of a plant or animal body. structural defects of the heart. 2. a. : of, relating to, or affecting structure. structural stability. b. : used in building structures.

  3. adjective. of or relating to structure; relating or essential to a structure. resulting from or relating to political or economic structure: structural reforms to the social safety net; structural inequalities; structural racism. Biology. relating to organic structure; morphological.

  4. structural adjective (ARRANGEMENT) C2. relating to the way in which parts of a system or object are arranged: The political reforms have led to major structural changes in the economy. More examples. a structural engineer. structural design. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

  5. 1. of or pertaining to structure, structures, or construction. 2. pertaining to organic structure; morphological. 3. of or pertaining to geological structure, as of rock. 4. pertaining to or showing the arrangement or mode of attachment of the atoms that constitute a molecule of a substance.

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