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  1. Within a federal system the state or provincial governments share sovereignty with the central government and have final jurisdiction over a broad range of policy areas. Federal and unitary systems are ideal types, representing the endpoints of a continuum. Most countries fall somewhere in between the two extremes—states can be more or less ...

  2. Photon polarization is the quantum mechanical description of the classical polarized sinusoidal plane electromagnetic wave.An individual photon can be described as having right or left circular polarization, or a superposition of the two.

  3. The transfer function defines the relation between the output and the input of a dynamic system, written in complex form (s variable). For a dynamic system with an input u(t) and an output y(t), the transfer function H(s) is the ratio between the complex representation (s variable) of the output Y(s) and input U(s).

  4. Mebyon Kernow – The Party for Cornwall ([mɛbjɔn kərnou], MK; Cornish for Sons of Cornwall) is a Cornish nationalist, centre-left political party in Cornwall, in southwestern Britain.

  5. Fragmentation definition, the act or process of fragmenting; state of being fragmented. See more.

  6. Oct 23, 2007 · Art should be defined only if there is a unitary concept of art that serves all of art’s various purposes – historical, conventional, aesthetic, appreciative, communicative, and so on. So, since there is no purpose-independent use of the concept of art, art should not be defined (Mag Uidhir and Magnus 2011; cf. Meskin 2008).

  7. Next, we need to define the time domain for which we are going to perform the simulation and also the type of input function for which we want to observe the response. For out example we are going to simulate 20 s for a unitary step input (the step value is assigned at t = 0 s). t = 0:0.01:20; [ys,xs]=csim("step",t,sysMech);

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