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  1. Definition of box set : a collection of related items packaged together in a box and sold as a single unit The box set includes all of the band's albums and singles. a 10-DVD boxed set of the television show's first season a 4-volume box set Examples of box set in a Sentence

  2. box set noun Theater. a boxlike stage set consisting of flats that form the back wall, side walls, and often the ceiling, painted to represent the interior of a room. Also called, especially British, box scene . Origin of box set First recorded in 1885–90 Words nearby box set

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  4. box set Also found in: Encyclopedia, Wikipedia . box set n. 1. A set of related items, such as books in a series, that are packaged in an often decorative box and sold as one unit. 2. A stage set with a ceiling and three walls. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

  5. noun [ C ] us / ˈbɑːks ˌset / uk / ˈbɒks ˌset / (also boxed set) a set of related items, for example books, that are sold together in one package (= container) all the episodes (= parts) of a television series available to buy or download as a set of DVDs or electronic files: The box set of the complete series will be released in November.

  6. noun a seat in a box at the theater, opera, etc. Origin of box seat First recorded in 1830–40 Words nearby box seat box office, box pleat, box plot, box room, box score, box seat, box set, box sill, box social, box spanner, box spring Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2022

  7. 1) Scenic piece which goes behind an opening in the set (window etc.) to hide the technical areas beyond. Also known as a Backing Flat 2) The money invested in a commercial production (by a Backer). BALUSTER Vertical shaft found as a component of stairways, parapets, balconies etc.

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