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  1. Demographics of Italy - Wikipedia › wiki › Demographics_of_Italy

    According to the Italian government, there were an estimated 5,234,000 foreign nationals resident in Italy on 1 January 2019. [1] High fertility and birth rates persisted until the 1970s, after which they started to dramatically decline, leading to rapid population aging.

  2. Italy - Wikipedia › wiki › Italy

    Italy's largest airline is Alitalia, which serves 97 destinations (as of October 2019) and also operates a regional subsidiary under the Alitalia CityLiner brand. The country also has regional airlines (such as Air Dolomiti ), low-cost carriers, and Charter and leisure carriers (including Neos , Blue Panorama Airlines and Poste Air Cargo .

  3. Rome - Wikipedia › wiki › Rome

    Capital city and comune in Italy Rome Roma Capital city and comune Roma Capitale Clockwise from top: the Colosseum, St. Peter's Basilica, Castel Sant'Angelo, Ponte Sant'Angelo, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon Flag Coat of arms Etymology: Possibly Etruscan: Rumon, lit. 'river' (See Etymology). Nickname(s): Urbs Aeterna (Latin) The Eternal City Caput Mundi (Latin) The Capital of the world Throne ...

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    • 753 BC
    • Lazio
  4. Religion in Italy - Wikipedia › wiki › Religion_in_Italy

    Religion in Italy is characterised by the predominance of Christianity and an increasing diversity of religious practices, beliefs and denominations. Most Christians in Italy adhere to the Catholic Church, whose headquarters are in Vatican City, Rome. Christianity has been present in the Italian Peninsula since the 1st century.

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  6. Venice - Wikipedia › wiki › Venice

    Venice (/ ˈ v ɛ n ɪ s / VEH-niss; Italian: Venezia [veˈnɛttsja] (); Venetian: Venesia or Venexia) is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region.It is built on a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by over 400 bridges.

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  7. Germany - Wikipedia › wiki › Germany

    Germany is a member of NATO, the OECD, the G8, the G20, the World Bank and the IMF. It has played an influential role in the European Union since its inception and has maintained a strong alliance with France and all neighbouring countries since 1990. Germany promotes the creation of a more unified European political, economic and security ...

  8. Demographics of Libya - Wikipedia › wiki › Demographics_of_Libya

    Historically Berber, over the centuries, Libya has been occupied by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Italians.The Phoenicians had a big impact on Libya. Many of the coastal towns and cities of Libya were founded by the Phoenicians as trade outposts within the southern Mediterranean coast in order to facilitate the Phoenician business activities in the area.

  9. Demographics of Paraguay - Wikipedia › wiki › Paraguayan_people

    Demographics of Paraguay, Data of FAO, year 2005 ; Number of inhabitants in thousands. Paraguay population density (people per km 2 ) According to the 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects [8] [9] the total population was 6,956,066 in 2018, compared to only 1,473,000 in 1950.

  10. Demographics of Sweden - Wikipedia › wiki › Demographics_of_Sweden

    (June 2019) The total resident population of Sweden was 10,377,781 in October 2020. [1] The population exceeded 10 million for the first time on Friday, 20 January 2017.

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