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  1. Population. According to the 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects, the total population was 15,008,226 in 2018, compared to 2,264,000 in 1950. The proportion of children below the age of 15 in 2010 was 44.9%, 52.3% was between 15 and 65 years of age, while 2.7% was 65 years or older.

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    Somalia, officially the Federal Republic of Somalia (Somali: Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya; Arabic: جمهورية الصومال الفيدرالية), is a country in the Horn of Africa. The country is bordered by Ethiopia to the west, Djibouti [11] to the northwest, the Gulf of Aden to the north, the Indian Ocean to the east, and Kenya ...

  3. 15 miljoner. Födelsetal. 39,3/1 000 invånare (2018) Dödstal. 12,8/1 000 invånare (2018) Summerad fruktsamhet. 5,7 barn per kvinna (2018) Somalia demografi beskriver befolkningssammansättningen i förbundsrepubliken Somalia i Östafrika. Förbundsrepubliken saknar tillförlitlig befolkningsdata, och därför kan endast uppskattningar ges.

    • 15 miljoner
    • 39,3/1 000 invånare (2018)
    • 12,8/1 000 invånare (2018)
    • 5,7 barn per kvinna (2018)
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    Members of the population of Brava city, Kisimayu and Bajuni islands : Koyama, Ngumi, Chovaye, Chula, Chandraa, Darkaasi and numerous smaller are a mixed group of people speaking closely related forms of kiswahili ( CHIMWINI dialect in Brava and KIBAJUNI in Kisimayu and the islands) These people are part of Minority groups in Somalia and they form less than(0.3%). Please note that Somali born in Somalia should be able to speak Somali. The main Mojority Clans are Darood, Dir, Hawiya, Ishaq, Rahanwein. There is also a large Bantu clan in the Southren Somalia including above towns and settlements of Badhaadhe district. All of these speak the Somali Language. Kisawahili language is not mainly spoken in Somalia. However, you will find it is spoken by many fisher men and traders in (Brava city ,Kisimayu and Bajuni islands : Koyama, Ngumi, Chovaye, Chula, Chandraa, Darkaas)as a second language. Please note that people from Tanzania and coast area of Kenya speak different Kisawahili dialect...

    I hate to bring it up, seeing how it was probably a good bit of effort, but I'm thinking Somali clan should have been merged to Somali people rather than Demographics of Somalia. Somali people (and clans) do not only exist in Somalia, whereas Demographics of Somalia includes other ethnic groups (however small they may be). I propose splitting this and re-merging so Somali clan is part of Somali people. I'm willing to do the work, but figured I'd first mention it on this page. -- Gyrofrog (talk)10:15, 30 July 2008 (UTC) 1. The Demographics of Somalia page should definitely not be merged with the Somali people page for the simple fact that some of the groups listed under the Somali clans section aren't ethnic Somalis at all, and they therefore do not belong on the ethnic Somali people page. They've already got their own pages expressly reserved for them. The history section on the Somali people page also does not apply to them and neither does the genetics section, again, because they...

    Such comments will be incorporated into that section. Cadenas2008 (talk) 20:23, 22 March 2009 (UTC) 1. No they will not because the main Y DNA study on Somalis by Sanchez that you are trying to incorporate only focuses on Somalis. It does not sample the non-ethnically Somali residents of Somalia such as the Benadiri, the Bravanese, the Bantu, the Bajuni, and Italian Somalians. It is thus original research to pretend that what you have been attempting to insert into the article amounts to the "Genetics of Somalia", or what have you, rather than just the genetics of Somalis. Again, the Somali DNA profile is already discussed in detail on the Somali people page where it belongs. Please stop forcing the issue. Middayexpress (talk) 21:12, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

    As the "Demographic statistics" section is culled from the CIA World Factbook, I thought I should update it with more recent data. A lot of the figures were followed with "(2006 est.)" so it appears this had not been updated for some time. The July 2010 data is already available and so I have updated the entire section based on the new figures. (I was prompted to do so after seeing the population figure decrease with this edit). -- Gyrofrog (talk)15:10, 30 June 2010 (UTC) the following to the article. I have removed their e-mail address. the person wrote somalian ethnic or somalian tribes actually he did not mention same others somalian tribes which is arab meheri so I will request to correctly to put the other tribes, please see the list blow. SALAADIINTA BEELAHA SHANNAAD 1-Suldaan Axmed Rashiid Sh. Shuceyb =Lixda Shiidle 2- Suldaan C/laahi X. Qaaneey =Shanbare 3- Suldaan Muxuyadiin Mukhtaar Muudeey = eylo 4- Ugaas Cali Ugaas Xasan =Makane 5- Ugaas Xaaji Xuseen Maxamed =Hintire 6- Caaqil Maxamed Cismaan Orow =Hintire 7- Ugaas Cabdi Xasan Yarow = Mahuraan 8- Ugaas Abuukar Qalaad Hadaafow =bah salaamo 9- Ugaas Muxumad Xasan Daa�uud =Gasar 10- Ugaas Muxumad Sh. Shaafici =Sedex Cumar 11- Ugaas Cabdi Siraad Ibraahim =Dagiine 12- Suldaan Cumar Ciid Qaaris =Reer Geedow 13- Sh. Axmed Sh. Maxamed = Ku simaha Boqorka kaboole 14- Ugaas Sh. Xasan Yare Xasanow =jilib reer masad 15- Caaqil Aweys Huneero =Mushunguli 16- Suldaan Luqmaan Xasan Xus...

    Hello fellow Wikipedians, I have just modified one external link on Demographics of Somalia. Please take a moment to review my edit. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQfor additional information. I made the following changes: 1. Added archive to When you have finished reviewing my changes, please set the checked parameter below to true or failed to let others know (documentation at {{Sourcecheck}}). This message was posted before February 2018. After February 2018, "External links modified" talk page sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. No special action is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below. Editors have permission to delete these "External links modified" talk page sections...

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    Somaliland is situated in the northwest of recognised Somalia. It lies between 08°N and 11°30'N, and between 42°30'E and 49°00'E. [citation needed] It is bordered by Djibouti to the west, Ethiopia to the south, and Somalia to the east. Somaliland has a 850 kilometres (528 mi) coastline with the majority lying along the Gulf of Aden.

  6. The population of the Arab world as estimated by the UN in 2017 was 414,727,833, But there's no exact figures of the annual population growth, fertility rate, or mortality rate are known to exist. Most of the Arab population is concentrated in and around major urban areas. Islam and Christianity were founded in areas that are now Arab countries.

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