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    What are the symptoms of dengue in the Philippines?

    Is dengue fever a mosquito disease?

    Can dengue cause death?

    What causes dengue hemorrhagic fever?

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    Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease that is common in tropical countries like the Philippines. According to the Department of Health (DOH) “dengue is the fastest spreading vector-borne disease in the world, endemic in 100 countries,” the DOH also recorded a total of 185,000 cases of dengue in the Philippines last 2012-2016.

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    Severe Symptoms of Dengue Fever in Philippines . Severe dengue, or also called dengue hemorrhagic fever, can be characterized by abdominal pain, fever, bleeding, breathing difficulty, persistent vomiting, and is a possibly lethal complication that affects mainly children. Careful clinical management and early clinical diagnosis by trained ...

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    Dengue is the fastest spreading vector-borne disease in the world endemic in 100 countries· Dengue virus has four serotypes (DENV1, DENV2, DENV3 and DENV4) First infection with one of the four serotypes usually is non-severe or asymptomatic, while second infection with one of other serotypes may cause severe dengue.

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    The most effective way to prevent dengue, according to the DOH, is to observe the 4S strategy: Search and destroy, Self-protection measures, Seek early consultation, and Say yes to fogging.

    The viral disease doesn’t only inflict pain and suffering to an affected person—it also costs money and may drain a family’s savings if not treated early. A dengue test alone can set you back between PHP 400 and PHP 3,000. Dengue tests in private clinics cost around PHP 1,000 on average, while tests in major hospitals can go as high as PHP 2,000 to PHP 3,000. In public hospitals, dengue tests are cheaper at PHP 400 to PHP 600. As for hospital bills, the average medical cost of one-week confinement is PHP 20,000 in public hospitals and PHP 40,000 in private hospitals. However, the cost of dengue in the Philippines can balloon to six-digit figures in severe cases, such as a young dengue patient in Mindanaowhose 26-day treatment reached almost PHP 800,000 (including the cost of hospitalization and medicines). The cost of dengue treatment can wreck one’s budget, so it helps to find ways to cut down the expenses. If you have a health or life insurance policy, ask your provider if dengue...

    What you do after your dengue treatment is crucial to get your health back in shape. Experts recommend these tips to help dengue patients speed up their recovery: 1. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. 2. Take plenty of rest. 3. Avoid anti-inflammatory medicines (e.g., Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Naproxen, etc.) that may raise the risk of bleeding complications. 4. Take paracetamol to reduce fever and relieve pain. 5. Visit the hospital for evaluation if no improvement is felt 24 hours after the fever goes down.

    Dengue is an endemic disease in the Philippines, but it’s definitely preventable. You don’t want to get to the point when you’ll have to deal with hospital bills and see a family member suffering (or experience it yourself). Get rid of dengue-carrying mosquitoes, watch out for the early warning signs of dengue, and learn how to manage the cost of dengue.

  6. Dengue Fever in Children: Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention ... › dengue-symptoms-in-children

    Dengue Fever. Dengue fever is a tropical, mosquito-borne disease that causes flu-like symptoms, rashes and joint and muscle pain. Dengue Symptoms. Dengue symptoms in infants and toddlers generally start with the following symptoms:

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    Symptoms of dengue can become severe within a few hours. Severe dengue is a medical emergency. Severe dengue. About 1 in 20 people who get sick with dengue will develop severe dengue. Severe dengue can result in shock, internal bleeding, and even death. If you have had dengue in the past, you are more likely to develop severe dengue.

  8. Aug 07, 2019 · A national dengue epidemic has been declared in the Philippines, where 622 people have died of the mosquito-borne disease since January and millions more are at risk.

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