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    • Dengue virus characteristics

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      • Dengue, a major public health problem throughout subtropical and tropical regions, is an acute infectious disease characterized by biphasic fever, headache, pain in various parts of the body, prostration, rash, lymphadenopathy, and leukopenia.
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  2. Dengue viruses – an overview

    Aug 30, 2013 · Keywords: dengue virus, dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, dengue shock syndrome, flavivirus, vector-borne virus, arbovirus Dengue is an acute febrile disease caused by the mosquito-borne dengue viruses (DENVs), consisting of four serotypes (DENV 1 to 4), that are members of the flaviviridae family, genus flavivirus ( 1 ).

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  3. Structure of Dengue Virus: Implications for Flavivirus ...

    Mar 08, 2002 · The Virus Organization. The 24 Å resolution cryoEM reconstruction of dengue virus particles (Figure 1A) assumed icosahedral symmetry.This was readily justified by the convergence of stable values for angles defining particle orientations, acceptable correlation coefficients, and the good agreement between reconstructions of two independent data sets to at least 24 Å resolution.

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  4. Dengue virus: structure, serotypes and mode of transmission ...

    Dec 08, 2017 · Dengue virus: structure, serotypes and mode of transmission Introduction. Dengue is an arthropod borne virus belongs to family Flaviviridae and genus Flavivirus.; Dengue virus is transmitted between people by female mosquitoes Ades aegypti and Ades albopidus, which are found throughout the tropical and sub-tropical regions.

  5. Dengue virus - Wikipedia

    Dengue virus (DENV) is the cause of dengue fever.It is a mosquito-borne, single positive-stranded RNA virus of the family Flaviviridae; genus Flavivirus. Five serotypes of the virus have been found, all of which can cause the full spectrum of disease.

  6. Dengue fever - Wikipedia

    Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. Symptoms typically begin three to fourteen days after infection. This may include a high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash.

  7. Dengue fever - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

    Feb 16, 2018 · Causes. Dengue fever is caused by any one of four types of dengue viruses spread by mosquitoes that thrive in and near human lodgings. When a mosquito bites a person infected with a dengue virus, the virus enters the mosquito.

  8. Dengue Fever: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

    Dengue fever is transmitted by the bite of an Aedes mosquito infected with a dengue virus. The mosquito becomes infected when it bites a person with dengue virus in their blood. It can’t be ...

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  9. Dengue and severe dengue - World Health Organization

    Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease that has rapidly spread in all regions of WHO in recent years. Dengue virus is transmitted by female mosquitoes mainly of the species Aedes aegypti and, to a lesser extent, Ae. albopictus. These mosquitoes are also vectors of chikungunya, yellow fever and ...

  10. What are characteristics of the Aedes mosquito species that ...

    Mar 22, 2020 · What are characteristics of the Aedes mosquito species that transmit dengue? ... Dengue virus: molecular basis of cell entry and pathogenesis, 25-27 June 2003, Vienna, Austria. Vaccine. 2005 Jan 4 ...

  11. Types of Dengue Fever - Health Hearty

    Types of Dengue Fever. The different types of dengue fever are classified according to the symptoms they exhibit. The following article will cover an overview related to the dengue fever types and help you understand the different signs associated with each of the types.