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    • Dengue virus mechanism

      • When a mosquito carrying dengue virus bites a person, the virus enters the skin together with the mosquito's saliva. It binds to and enters white blood cells, and reproduces inside the cells while they move throughout the body. a mosquito carrying dengue virus bites a,the cells while they move throughout the body.
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  2. Animals as potential reservoirs for dengue transmission: A ...

    6 days ago · Dengue is a rapidly spreading mosquito-borne flavivirus infection that is prevalent in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Humans are known to be the m…

  3. Dengue Fever News -- ScienceDaily

    Jan 19, 2021 · How the Dengue Virus Replicates in Infected Cells May 9, 2019 — The nonstructural protein 1 (NS1) of the dengue virus interacts with another viral protein called NS4A-2K-4B to enable viral...

  4. Prevention and treatment of viral infections by natural ...

    6 days ago · Dengue fever is caused by the mosquitoborne dengue virus (serotypes 1-4) which is the most common arboviral infection of humans in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Tong et al investigated the effect of herb known as Gastrodia elata on the multiplication cycle of dengue virus serotype 2 (DV2).

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  5. Flavivirus - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Flavivirus is a genus of positive-strand RNA viruses in the family Flaviviridae.The genus includes the West Nile virus, dengue virus, tick-borne encephalitis virus, yellow fever virus, Zika virus and several other viruses which may cause encephalitis, as well as insect-specific flaviviruses (ISFs) such as cell fusing agent virus (CFAV), Palm Creek virus (PCV), and Parramatta River virus (PaRV).

  6. What To Do When You Get Dengue Fever When You Travel | Indiana Jo

    Jan 19, 2021 · I’ve based this list on the NHS (UK health service) list of dengue symptoms. Other trustworthy websites I used with dengue symptom information include: Fit for Travel (part of the Scottish NHS) CDC (USA Health Service) Web MD. Mayo Clinic. 2. Then (kind of) ignore the list of dengue symptoms. It’s most likely that you will only have some of ...

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    4 days ago · : Dengue incidence has grown dramatically around the world in recent years. Vector control is the only method to reduce dengue incidence due to the la…

  8. 4 types of dengue viruses in Kollam - The Hindu

    6 days ago · The Health Department has intensified dengue preventive measures in Kollam after four types of dengue viruses were found in a study conducted in the district. Areas with a large number of vacant ...

  9. Poliovirus - Wikipedia

    Jan 19, 2021 · Virus is shed in the feces of infected individuals. In 95% of cases only a primary, transient presence of viremia (virus in the bloodstream) occurs, and the poliovirus infection is asymptomatic. In about 5% of cases, the virus spreads and replicates in other sites such as brown fat, reticuloendothelial tissue, and muscle.

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