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  1. Latest News : 'an example of excellence in website accessibility' was among just five websites including and Oxfam, praised for their excellent accessibility, following a landmark study by the Disability Rights Commission.

  2. Jan 22, 2020 · Then there’s the issue of standardized languages. Many countries have, at some point, in their history, selected a particular dialect on which to base their standardized language. In Vietnam, for example, education is delivered in the Hanoian dialect. In England, the standardized language is based on the dialect spoken in the South East.

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    Convert from English to Valyrian. The Valyrian languages are a fictional language family in the A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin, and in their television adaptation Game of Thrones. For the TV series, linguist David J. Peterson created the High Valyrian language, as well as the derivative language Astapori Valyrian, based on the fragments given in the novels.

  4. Convert from English to Yoda speak. Yoda often orders sentences as Object-Subject-Verb, split verbs, switches entire phrases and sometimes uses sentences that are different from his normal syntax! Because of this it is difficult to accurately represent his sentence structure. But we tried hard and we constantly improve our patterns. Have fun and may the force be with you! Yoda is a registered ...

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