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  1. A last name meaning search can reveal: Where your family lived in the United States Your family's national origin - Ireland, German, Italy, and more! When your ancestors immigrated to the United States An ancestor’s occupation or nickname Surname Origins & Your Family History

  2. last name noun Save Word Definition of last name : surname sense 2 Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About last name Synonyms for last name Synonyms family name, surname Visit the Thesaurus for More Examples of last name in a Sentence

  3. Last names originated when people needed to be referred to more specifically than simply by their first names. Name meanings provided information about a person's home, family members, and role in society. Sometimes people were specified by listing the town one lived in after their name, such as "William of Elmwood".

  4. LAST NAME | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary Meaning of last name in English last name noun [ C ] uk / ˈlɑːst ˌneɪm / us / ˈlæst ˌneɪm / A2 your family name, that you use in formal situations or with people you do not know well Compare family name surname noun mainly UK SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Names and titles A.N.

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