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    It became involved in a maelstrom of conflicting political motives, by which it was swept to Constantinople. Here we must distinguish between cause and occasion. There were three great causes which made for an attack on Constantinople by the West.

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    Theodora Komnene or Comnena (Greek: Θεοδώρα Κομνηνή Theodōra Komnēnē) (born c. 1145) was a niece of Byzantine emperor Manuel I Comnenus, and wife of King Baldwin III of Jerusalem.

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    Theodora's father was an animal-keeper in the hire of one of the ruling parties vying for control of Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. These political factions— gangs is arguably a more accurate term—shaped state policy and played out their power-games at the famous horse-track there, the Hippodrome.

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    Pop. (1900) 24,451. Among Servian cities, Nish is only surpassed by Belgrade in commercial and strategic importance; for it lies at the point where several of the chief Balkan highroads converge, and where the branch railway to Salonica leaves the main line between Belgrade and Constantinople.

  6. COUNCIL OF CONSTANTINOPLE 869 â— The worst blow falls as feuds › the-quest-for-the-city

    Council of Constantinople 869 - The worst blow falls as feuds over authority split East from West In 869 the Byzantine emperor Basil I and Pope Adrian II were mutually intent upon reconciliation. The result, depicted above by the seventeenth-century artist, Cesare Nebbia, was a synod held in Hagia Sophia, the cathedral in Constantinople, one of ...

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    The grandson of a princess of the Grand Komnenoi, Uzun Hasan had made the Aq Qoyunlu into the most powerful tribe of Turkmen by defeating their rivals the Black Sheep; he had heard of the beauty of the Emperor John's daughter Theodora Komnene (or Despina Khatun), and in return for her hand, Uzun Hasan pledged himself to protect her home city ...

  8. Byzantine Military: Siege of Trebizond (1461) - The End of ... › 2019 › 01

    Founded by by Constantine the Great in 324 AD, Constantinople was the captial of the the Eastern Roman Empire and the center of Western civilization for centuries. Byzantine Algeria The 6th century Byzantine walls, popularly known as "Solomon's Walls" and flanked by thirteen square towers.Tebessa, Algeria.

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    The Origins of the New World Order in the Corruption of the Catholic Church By Bill White The effort to create a one world government has been ongoing since early times. Assyria, Babylon, and Persia all attempted it. Macedonia gave the one world movement a religion and philosophy. Rome sought to extend its peace over Europe, Asia and Africa.

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    At the lower levels of society, Muslim traders and artisans became an important presence in Indian towns and cities, as did Indian converts who saw an advantage to converting to this faith. Thus, Hindu and Muslim communities increasingly interacted with each other during the early medieval age, adopting elements of each other’s way of life.

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