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    Die Hard is an American action film series that originated with Roderick Thorp's novel Nothing Lasts Forever.All five films revolve around the main character of John McClane, a New York City/Los Angeles police detective who continually finds himself in the middle of violent crises and intrigues where he is the only hope against disaster.

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    Die Hard Franchise (5) Die Hard Scenario (5) Elevator (5) Explosion (5) Falling From Height (5) Gunfight (5) Helicopter (5) John Mcclane Character (5) Machine Gun (5) Maverick Cop (5) Murder (5) One Man Army (5) Police Detective (5) Police Officer (5) Police Shootout (5) Shootout (5) Shot In The Chest (5) Shot In The Head (5) Shot To Death (5 ...

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    Due to it's popularity and cult-like status, the Die Hard series has also become a magnet of pop culture parodies, references, and homages.

    In the fourth film, McClane and computer hacker Matt Farrell tries to stop a group of cyber-terrorists who are performing a deadly cyber-attack to shut down the entire infrastructure of the United States. The main antagonists in this movie are Thomas Gabriel, Mai Linh, Trey and Emerson. In the fifth film, McClane travels to Russia to help his estranged son John \\"Jack\\" McClane Jr. held in a Russian prison, and discovers that Jack is a CIA operative out to prevent Russian terrorists from getting their hands on weapons-grade uranium. The main antagonists in this movie are Yuri Komarov, Viktor Chagarin, Irina Komarov and Alik.

    The sixth and possibly the final film in the franchise will serve as a prequel (as well as a sequel) taking place in 1979, nine years before the events that unfolded at Nakatomi Plaza during the original Die Hard. Bruce Willis is expected to reprise his role as John McClane, with another actor to play a younger version.

    The reluctant hero and main protagonist in the series. McClane is a New York cop who finds himself taking on terrorists and saving his loved ones.

    Lucy is the daughter of John McClane & Holly Gennero and the sister of John \\"Jack\\" McClane Jr. She was estranged from her father, but during her college years in Rutgers University she was kidnapped by cyber-terrorist Thomas Gabriel. After her father saves her and Matt Farrell, they seemed to be on speaking terms and she changed her last name from Gennero to McClane. Several years later, Lucy drove her father to the airport as he goes to Russia to investigate the arrest of her brother Jack. She was seen when John returns with Jack and she reunites with them after their adventure in Moscow and Chernobyl, Ukraine.

    John \\"Jack\\" Jr. is the son of John McClane & Holly Gennero and the brother of Lucy McClane. He will have a main role in A Good Day to Die Hard. When Jack was arrested for a killing in a nightclub in Moscow, McClane, who hasn't spoken to his son for several years, heads over there to find out what happened to him. It was later revealed that Jack is a CIA operative set on a deep-cover mission in Russia that has lasted for three years without his father's knowledge.

    Al is a Los Angeles Police sergeant who shared a friendship with John McClane after helping with the takeover of Nakatomi Building in Los Angeles. He also helped McClane briefly with the situation in Dulles International Airport.

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    Die Hard Series. Menu. Movies. Release ... Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l ...

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    Die Hard just delivers. It's what a good action movie should be. Real people fighting plausible (however improbable) bad guys and situations. This was from the days when John McClain ran around barefoot with a machine gun (Ho-Ho-Ho), not surfing on the back of jets or taking down the entire Russian army.

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    Die Hard - The Ultimate Collection 6-Disc Box Set features cop John McClane in DIE HARD, DIE HARD 2, and DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE, battling terrorists intent on destroying office buildings, airports, and Manhattan. Each movie comes with an extra features bonus disc.

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    Apr 18, 2020 · Originally released in 2007 with a studio-mandated PG-13 rating, Live Free or Die Hard was controversial for dropping the series' trademark harsh language and bloody action.

    • Die Hard
      Die Hard
      Was there ever any doubt as to which Die Hard movie is the best? Die Hard is considered by many to be one of the best films ever made, period.
    • Live Free or Die Hard
      Live Free or Die Hard
      Originally released in 2007 with a studio-mandated PG-13 rating, Live Free or Die Hard was controversial for dropping the series' trademark harsh language and bloody action.
    • Die Hard with a Vengeance
      Die Hard with a Vengeance
      While Die Hard 2 repeated a few too many beats from the original, Die Hard with a Vengeance benefits from taking the franchise in a different direction.
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