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  2. Dialectal variation Haloy ka duman sa saod? (Standard Coastal Bikol, a dialect of Central Bikol; Canaman, Camarines Sur) Aloy ka duman sa saod? (Magarao, a variety of Coastal Bikol; Magarao, Camarines Sur) Naawat ka duman sa saod? ( Southern Catanduanes Bikol or Virac Bikol, a dialect of Coastal ...

  3. The language is usually called Tagalog within the Philippines and among Filipinos to differentiate it from other Philippine languages, but it has also come to be known as Filipino to differentiate it from the languages of other countries; the former implies a regional origin, the latter national.

    • 28 million (2022), 82 million total speakers (2022)
  4. The Philippines has around 120- 175 dialects. However the eight most common dialects are ...

    Areas Where It Is Spoken
    This is one of the Official La ...
    Aklanon or Aklan
    Province of AklanIsland of Pan ...
    Asi or Bantoanon
    Banton, Romblon.
    • Kalamian. Kalamian languages come from a Malayo-Polynesian group of languages comprising Calamian Tagbanwa and Agutaynen.
    • T’boli. The T’boli language is a member of the Western Malayo-Polynesian sub-branch of the Austronesian family, just...
    • Manobo. The Manobo group of languages is a major language in Northern Mindanao, Central...
    • English – One of the official languages of the Philippines and is being taught by schools.
    • Aklanon or Aklan – A language from Visayas that is native to the province of Aklan in the Island of Panay
    • Asi or Bantoanon – A Visayan language which originated in Banton, Romblon.
    • Buhinon
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