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  1. A Guide to the 5 Different Types of Tequila - VinePair › articles › guide-5-different-types

    May 22, 2017 · A Guide to the 5 Different Types of Tequila words: Adam Teeter Tequila is one of the most popular spirits in the world, but the spirit can still be incredibly confusing.

  2. Easy Jägermeister Drink Ideas - LoveToKnow Cocktails › jagermeister-drinks

    Substituting Jägermeister for Other Ingredients in Cocktails. Jägermeister is similar to other liqueurs, so you can make a direct substitution in some mixed drinks. The flavors may be slightly different with the substitution, but it can make for an interesting twist on a classic cocktail.

  3. The Difference Between a Liquor and a Liqueur › difference-between-liquor

    The general difference is that liqueurs are sweetened spirits with various flavors, oils, and extracts added; rum, whiskey, brandy, and other liquors can serve as a base spirit for liqueurs. In the past, liqueurs were referred to as cordials, and many have a history that stretches back centuries because they were often used medicinally.

  4. Alcoholic drink - Wikipedia › wiki › Alcoholic_drink

    This facilitates the use of flavoring and coloring compounds in alcoholic drinks as a taste mask, especially in distilled drinks. Some flavors may be naturally present in the beverage's raw material. Beer and wine may also be flavored before fermentation, and spirits may be flavored before, during, or after distillation.

  5. Guide to Heritage Pork Flavor - The Spruce Eats › heritage-hog-breeds-2216899

    The reason chefs are so excited about heritage pork is simple: the taste. Different breeds have different fat-to-lean ratios, different-sized cuts, and even distinctive flavors that bring more bang to the table than industrial raised, bred-to-be-lean, and other-white-meat pork.

  6. List of cocktails - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_cocktails

    Cocktails often also contain one or more types of juice, fruit, honey, milk or cream, spices, or other flavorings. Cocktails may vary in their ingredients from bartender to bartender, and from region to region. Two creations may have the same name but taste very different because of differences in how the drinks are prepared.

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