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  1. 17 Fabulous Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes for the Social Non ... › 17-non-alcoholic-cocktail-recipes
    • Margarita Mocktail. Get boozy… without the booze! This delicious gourmet margarita is actually a mocktail. No liquor at all. And I promise you won’t miss it!
    • Peach Bellini Mocktails. Hosting a brunch? Try these quick and simple booze-free bellinis. Chill the ingredients ahead of time so the sweet flavors won’t be diluted by ice.
    • Paloma Fizz Mocktail. Based on looks alone, this drink is a winner. Serve this at any party and you’re guaranteed to receive extra points for originality and charm.
    • Blueberry Moscow Mule Mocktails. You didn’t think I’d do a mocktails roundup and NOT include a Moscow mule, did you? Of course not! I’ll take any excuse I can to break out those gorgeous copper mugs they’re served in.
  2. 30 Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks | Taste of Home › non-alcoholic-party-drinks

    Dec 16, 2020 · Versatility is the name of the game with these super-refreshing, non-alcoholic cocktails. Great as party drinks or for a special treat.

    • Julie Meyers
  3. 26 Stunningly Exquisite Non-Alcoholic Best Drink Recipes ... › drinks › non-alcoholic-drinks

    If you’re interested in additional non-alcoholic martini recipes, make sure to check out this video by Luis Sanchez, food and beverage director of Nic’s Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills, California. In it, Luis outlines three super-simple yet delicious martinis; blackberry/pineapple, fresh ginger and orange / basil / honey.

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  5. The 8 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks of 2021 › best-non-alcoholic-drinks

    Jan 25, 2021 · Twelve different flavors suit every type of drinker, from strawberry basil and lemon verbena to sour blueberry and cherry. Sip them alone or try mixing the flavors in a mocktail or cocktail. Test out a zero-proof bloody mary with the lemon verbena soda (add tomato juice and seasoning) or a berry mojito with the blueberry flavor.

  6. 10 Examples of Non-Alcoholic Beverages › en › post

    Jan 03, 2020 · Non-alcoholic cocktails – Mocktails are non-alcoholic cocktails. The base is usually carbonated soft drink or fruit juice. Mocktails usually require blending because they often have chunks of fruit in them needing to be liquefied. They are usually served in a cocktail glass and garnished with the type of fruit best matching the base.

  7. What Are the Different Types of Non-Alcoholic Beverages? › what-are-the-different

    Jan 31, 2021 · There are many different types of non-alcoholic beverages, such as soda or fruit juice, but there are also a number of non-alcoholic alternatives to traditionally alcoholic beverages. Many of these drinks are referred to as “virgin” versions of standard alcoholic drinks, such as a “virgin daiquiri” or “virgin margarita.”

  8. List of cocktails - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_cocktails

    Cocktails often also contain one or more types of juice, fruit, honey, milk or cream, spices, or other flavorings. Cocktails may vary in their ingredients from bartender to bartender, and from region to region. Two creations may have the same name but taste very different because of differences in how the drinks are prepared.

  9. 50 Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks | › nonalcoholic-drinks-16974

    Jun 12, 2017 · Banana daiquiris have been gracing cocktail menus for decades. Ripe bananas lend a sweet and creamy texture to a tropical tradition. Use any favorite banana daiquiri recipe and skip the rum for a non-alcoholic version. 34 / 51

    • Tess Rose Lampert
  10. 25 Classic Cocktail Recipes Everyone Should Know | Serious Eats › roundups › 25-cocktails
    • Old Fashioned. The origins of the word "cocktail" are lost to history, but the first definition we find in print comes from an 1806 newspaper from upstate New York.
    • Martinez. Grandfather to the modern martini, the Martinez is a drink of gin (Old Tom, if you can; try Ransom or Hayman's), sweet vermouth, maraschino or curaçao, and bitters.
    • Martini. And here's the grandbaby, though now venerable in its own right. Within reason, you can mix this one up however you want, and it's still a martini.
    • Manhattan. If there were no other reason to include this drink on this list, I'd still put the Manhattan here for the best reason of all: your grandmother drinks them.
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