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  2. Here are ten photography lesson plans that can be used in an elementary school setting: Introduction to Photography: This lesson introduces students to the basic concepts of photography, such as the camera, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Students can learn about the different parts of a camera and how they work together to capture an image.

    • The Basics of Framing Using a DIY Viewfinder. Understanding what a camera takes photos of is often overlooked. This is why we have included it first in our list of photography lessons for kids.
    • The Meanings of Basic Photography Terms Such as Depth, Focus, and Aperture. This lesson doesn’t have to be in-depth or overly complicated. However, a simple list of photography terms, like those of the exposure triangle, can really help your child understand more about the subject.
    • How to Handle a Camera. As far as photography lessons for kids go, holding the camera is a great place to start. A DSLR camera is tricky to hold.
    • The Importance of a Point of Interest. We truly are starting with the basics in this list of photography lessons for kids. What should every photo have?
  3. As kids build a basic grasp of photography, show them single point autofocus mode (if their camera has one). Here they can select where the camera focuses using the arrow keys on the back of the camera. Place two objects on a table, one close to the camera and one farther away.

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