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    • Canva. It’s not a secret that everyone likes to be recognized for their achievements. In their email marketing strategy, Canva, which is an online graphic design platform, makes their customers and their achievements the spotlight of the email.
    • Dropbox. Dropbox, a file hosting service, is another SaaS company that has a great email marketing strategy. They have so called “friendly reminder” emails that are simple, cute and personalized.
    • InVision. Post-registration emails are crucial in keeping new users engaged and interested in your brand. InVision, which is a prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform, does an awesome job of maintaining the momentum with its follow-up email that customers receive after creating an account.
    • Basecamp. Basecamp, a project management software, clearly shows what email marketing strategy to use when your potential customer’s trial has ended. In the subject line, the main facts that you need to convey are clearly shown.
    • Wistia’s Creative Welcome Email. Whenever a customer signs up for your service, the most important part of marketing begins – nurturing and retaining customers.
    • Canva’s Appreciation & Feedback Mail. Users will use services because they paid for it. They still love to be appreciated from time to time. This is what Canva had done in their email marketing campaign.
    • Grammarly’s Promotional Email. Grammarly is a very popular language and plagiarism checking application. It is widely used by many writers and companies alike.
    • LinkedIn’s Personalized Email. LinkedIn, the company that helps people build professional connections sure knows how to make a user feel special. Many companies these days have forgotten the charm that a personalized email, carries.
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    • Email autoresponders. The key feature in email automation is autoresponders, which automatically send emails to users as soon as they complete an action.
    • Drip campaigns (basic automation) The next step in email automation is drip campaigns where sequences deliver emails at set intervals over time. Let’s say you’re running a 30-day free trial to generate leads for your software product.
    • Dynamic email automation. Dynamic email automation uses advanced workflows that respond to a range of user and customer actions. Basically, you create email campaigns designed for leads and customers at different stages of the consumer journey and audiences with different interests, moving them from one email list to the next as they complete actions progressing through your sales funnel.
    • Email personalisation. The biggest problem with marketing automation is that it’s easy to lose that genuine connection with individual prospects. The key characteristic of email as a channel is that it connects you with people one-to-one but this is impossible to maintain at scale.
  2. Feb 14, 2019 · 10 must have templates for your SaaS Business email marketing. 1. Promotional/Onboarding emails. These emails are the first step to making customers sign up to your product. I would say this is one of the most ... 2. Welcome. 3. Account verification.

  3. Created by Messaged - Email Marketing Automation for SaaS Companies. Discover hundreds of the best free, downloadable marketing email templates and examples created by leading SaaS companies for your design inspiration! All Onboarding Transactional Marketing. Survey Feature Re-Engagement Nurture Signup.

  4. Feb 13, 2018 · Operational SaaS Email Examples. Every SaaS meets the need of automating an infinite range of emails around processes such as: Online registration. Password confirmation and change. Account verification. Payment confirmation. Reminder email for an upcoming renewal. Announcements of downtime or scheduled maintenance.

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