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  1. Aug 23, 2015 · Divine Law Tagalog. Ang “Divine Law” o Banal na Batas ay ang batas na, ayon sa relihiyosong paniniwala ay nagmula ng direkta galing sa Diyos, kung hindi nagmula sa batas ng tao. (o masasabing pagpapahayag mula sa banal na batas) ito ay malaya mula sa kalooban ng tao, at hindi ito maaaring baguhin ninuman. Subalit ito ay maaaring nagsisiwalat o hindi, upang sa ganon ay mabago nito ang pananaw ng tao sa tamang panahon sa pamamagitan ng pagpapahayag.

  2. Sep 14, 2017 · Contextual translation of "divine law" into Tagalog. Human translations with examples: banal, batas.

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  4. Divine law is Love and one example is Jesus, the messenger of Love. Other examples are Krishna, Buddha and Lao Tzu. Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. Buddha said out of the abundance of your heart, cultivate love and compassion for all beings. Lao Tzu said nothing but good comes to him who loves others as he loves himself.

  5. Oct 09, 2018 · Ang divine law ay tumutukoy sa batas na binase sa batas ng Diyos na kinalat sa pamamagitan ng mga banal na kasulatan. Hindi rin mababago ang divine law at may mga debate pa rin tungkol sa pagkakahawig nito sa eternal law. Maaari natin bisitahin ang sumusunod para sa mga halimbawa:

    • The Divine Law of Free Will
    • The Divine Law of Cause and Effect
    • The Law of Divine Compensation
    • The Divine Law of Grace
    • The Divine Law of Oneness
    • The Law of Divine Intervention
    • The Law of Correspondence
    • The Divine Law of Absolution
    • The Divine Law of Infinite Possibilities
    • The Divine Law of Guidance

    Everyone has the right to decide how they react at every instance in life. That means, among other examples, you can NOT use the law of attraction to attract a specific person into your love life. Hate to break it to you – but you have to stop blaming the Universe, and start respecting personal choices. God does not micromanage, and we are not puppets. Which is also why God doesn’t “stop” wars or terrorism, or child trafficking – WE as a race, as a collective have allowed and brought this upon ourselves, and are thus accountable for it. It’s time we learned to take ownership of our actions. There are a lot of other misconceptions about Godworth demystifying, by the way. This is also known as thelaw of inspired action, because it states that we are not independent or unaware of the bigger picture. We are constantly tapping in and out of God’s plan! And any time we are inspired to act in a certain way, it is our free will that is set into motion thanks to our angels and spirit guides...

    This is probably the most misunderstood of all the divine laws. Karma is simply restoring balance for ALL things, bringing everything full cycle. So any good that’s in your life, is also karma. Karma is NOT always the bad guy. Your well-being, finances, relationships, friends that share good food and music, all are a reward for the good karma. So stop being scared of it, because you will always get what you deserve – the good and the bad, both. And start treating thelaw of cause and effectsimply as bringing life to a full circle.

    You’re not wrong to expect something in return for what you do for others. And you might wonder why despite all the good you do for someone, it doesn’t come back from them. Where’d all the good Karma go now, eh? Remember free will? Let go – you will quickly notice someone much more loving take his or her place. This isn’t just about romantic relations, it’s true for everything – you will find someone else playing the role of a better sister, brother, best friend, mother, father if you can stop being stuck on the one who’s failing to. By holding onto toxic and less-than-deserving relations, you’re the one holding back from the Universe reaching out to you and delivering what you so desire (and deserve). If that sounds like a struggle you’re dealing with, take a minute to understand how to stop loving too much. And this isn’t limited to love. It is applicable to opportunities, to resources, to rewards. You can’t be jinxed out of your good karma, and you can’t be deprived of what you t...

    As humans, we are way too hard on ourselves. And for some reason, we believe that God is that way too. We get worried about punishment, or worse, going to hell. Before I expand further on this law, I want to take two minutes, to clarify on this whole ideology of going to hell, to begin with. So, with that clarified, let’s proceed. Instead of trying to please God or boost the ego of the man ‘sitting up there’, divine laws like these remind us of grace and compassion. Think of it – the Creator isn’t justsitting in a temple to be worshipped or offered sweet treats to. Rather, she (or he) is everywhere and in everything, always listening to you. Omnipresent. Fully aware of everything going on around you, and within you. Even before you are aware of your own needs. So don’t hesitate to tap into that all-knowing, all-pervasive divine being, and ask for grace. No matter where you are, or WHO you are, when you tap into the Infinite Source with a true intention, you are graced with miracles...

    There is only ‘one-God’, an Ultimate Creator. Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Shiva, or Christ are not Gods, in the sense that we’ve made them to be. They too are souls, just like us. They are, however, Enlightenedsouls that became messengers of the Universe, spreading the message of Love and Peace in dire times when the world was losing sight of its direction. Respecting such Enlightened souls is great. Following scriptures that talk of their Divine Messages is fine too. And through prayer you are simply seeking their support in your life. But no ‘God’ is better than the other. Going further into this law, it teaches us to embrace the duality and practice tolerance, by remembering that we are all connected as a collective consciousness. Everyone is simply following their own Spiritual path, and invoking any ‘God’ is simply tapping into their unique strengths. We are all a part of the Universe, and thus there is only One of us actually here. The Ultimate Creator, and we are Him/Her existing...

    No one is keeping score up there, for how well you managed to run through your life’s hurdles all by your glorious self. The only thing being tracked is how fast you’re Ascending and how humanely. This law reminds us that there’s no need to struggle unnecessarily, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. There are no brownie points for suffering more. That’s all there’s to it folks. Pray all you want – nobody’s judging you! I have written tons of stories and examples, examining the different ways in which the law of divine intervention works in our life. Let the Universe create for you, by learning to surrender and invite the change you typically resist.

    Or, as the saying goes, as above, so below. You are capable of becoming just as Enlightened and powerful as the God you worship. You actually, eventually will be, FYI. That’s the whole purpose of this journey and the point of talking about these divine laws. I can’t make as convincing a case in a few hundred words, as a book could. So if you’re looking for a mind-blowing, compelling argument, Conversations with Godis the book that will challenge your belief system about this.

    A major responsibility we have in life is to respond to external events with acceptance, faith, and grace. You need to ask yourself, what is the the underlying lesson in this, and approach it with learning, instead of anger. Everything is absolute and will come to completion in due course of time. No sooner, no later. In other words, if you’re not meant to die – you will survive that accident even if everyone else does not. If you’re not meant to reach somewhere, you will notice indefinite hardships that eventually stop you from getting there. These are extreme but important examples, because some events in our destiny are planned for us, to challenge our learning. Instead of denying or getting furious, it is better to quickly move into learning the lesson and growing your spiritual strength!

    There are people who come to work every day and crib about how awful it is. But, are we doing something about it? The same goes for relationships – you give excuses in the name of ‘no choice’ to stay in unhealthy relations. And then, you mourn how poorly you’re being treated. It is true for everything in life. Anything you can crib about is capable of being swapped for something better. It’s available, but the question is – how badly do you want it? The Universe does not want you to be unhappy and the divine laws remind you that this is all really ego-talk and inner resistance. Fear is making us too scared to explore, too afraid to step outside the comfort zone. And so you see, you’re the one that’s settling for less than the best. The Universe always has our back. We are the ones that need to make a choice to want more, to want a shift that holds room for this Divinity to be a daily part of out life. We are the ones that need to step outside the limiting beliefs of our logical, con...

    There are no such thing as coincidences. Have you ever experienced this, where you kept seeing, hearing, and reading something from various sources? Where psychology will dial it down and call it Confirmation Bias, the Universe does not believe in coincidences. Pay attention when the Universe speaks to you. If you’re looking for signs – stop ignoring them when they do happen for you! Angel Numbers, feathers, dreams, and intuitive hits often become a huge part of these synchronicities we see. Here are all the different signs of divine guidance, and how you can pay attention to their underlying messages. Note: I’m not talking about social media websites drawing in ads of things you browse. That’s not the Universe, that’s just a lot of creepy AI.

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