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    DKW (Dampf-Kraft-Wagen, English: "steam-powered car", also Deutsche Kinder-Wagen English: "German children's car". Das-Kleine-Wunder , English: "the little wonder" or Des-Knaben-Wunsch , English: "the boy's wish", from when the company built toy two-stroke engines ) was a German car - and motorcycle - marque .

  2. Oct 8, 2018 · In the ’30s DKW is said to have manufactured more motorcycles than any other company in the world, having two-strokes of various capacities as well as many racing bikes, like the supercharged...

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    Jorge Rasmussen founded Motorenwerke Rasmussen in Zschopau, Germany in 1906, and entered the motorcycle industry with a 30cc bicycle motor in 1921 and shortly thereafter introduced 122cc Golem and 142cc Lomos scooters. The name DKW was trademarked in 1922 and the firm went on to become one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycles in the world.

  4. DKW. DKW, originating from Germany, holds a monumental position in the history of motorcycle manufacturing. This renowned brand left indelible marks in the world of motor vehicles, creating a legacy steeped in innovation, technical prowess, and design excellence.

  5. DKW Motorrad. Welcome to as we grow to become a one-stop-shop for pre-war and wartime DKW motorcycles. Working with the community of DKW owners and experts we aim to compile an extensive database of documentation, manuals, media and useful links.

  6. Nov 18, 2020 · It’s the original 3-cylinder two-stroke beast, a mantle taken up in 1969 by Kawasaki’s H1: the howl of three two-stroke pistons working in unison is not easily forgotten! August Hobl aboard a ’54 DKW triple of this specification, in a slightly later form, with bump-stop seat, and larger rear wheel fairing.

  7. DKW models. DKW 125 GS DKW RT 100 DKW RT 125 DKW RT 175 DKW RT 200 DKW SB 200 I DKW SB 350 I DKW SB 500. You want to buy a classic DKW motorcycle? 8 offers for DKW motorcycle for sale and other motorcycles on

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