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  1. Throughout much of the Viking Age, political power in Norse society lay predominantly in the hands of chieftains – warlords who ruled a relatively small group of people. They commanded the bands of raiding warriors whose forays across Europe made the Viking Age the Viking Age. The kings that would turn Denmark, Norway, and Sweden … Continue reading Viking Political Institutions →

  2. The Trundholm sun chariot. The chariot pulling the sun is a common Indo-European mythological motif. Since I reference the Indo-Europeans and Proto-Indo-Europeans in several articles on this site, I figured it would be helpful to provide a brief overview of who these people were and why they matter, both in general and in the specific context of understanding the pre-Christian mythology and ...

  3. Aug 21, 2021 · Typical of the Viking kings was that they settled along the coast, and built up wealth by demanding toll for those passing by. What you write about setting fire to a place was not unusual in order to kill enemies, In Norwegian, it is called “Innebrenning”; (burning inside). In the Viking period it was important to have friends.

  4. The ancestors of the Icelandic horse were probably taken to Iceland by Viking Age Scandinavians between 860 and 935 AD. The Norse settlers were followed by immigrants from Norse colonies in Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Western Isles of Scotland.

  5. Viking lore might have fallen by the wayside and been lost to the mists of history, had it not been for a unique intellectual phenomenon in Iceland a century or more after the last Vikings died. How Iceland Saved Viking Lore. A majority of the written sources we do have are from Iceland. Vikings discovered Iceland in the middle of the 9 th ...

  6. Dec 08, 2017 · Family memorabilia to look for (and photograph if you do not have permission from the owner to take the item) include old pictures, military records, diplomas and report cards, and of course ...

  7. Most likely the ancestors of the Norwegian Forest cat served as ships' cats (mousers) on Viking ships. The original landrace lived in the Norwegian forests for many centuries, but were later prized for their hunting skills and were used on Norwegian farms, [11] until they were discovered in the early twentieth century by cat enthusiasts.

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