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  1. I’ve also written a popular list of The 10 Best Norse Mythology Books, which you’ll probably find helpful in your pursuit. References: [1] Simek, Rudolf. 1993. Dictionary of Northern Mythology. Translated by Angela Hall. p. 61. [2] Ibid. [3] Turville-Petre, E.O.G. 1964. Myth and Religion of the North: The Religion of Ancient Scandinavia. p ...

  2. The chronicle of Sven Aggesen (c. 1190) is the first Danish text that mentions the full name, Regnerus Lothbrogh. His son Sigurd invades Denmark and kills its king, whose daughter he marries as he takes over the throne. Their son in turn is Knut, ancestor of the later Danish kings. Neither of these sources mentions Ragnar Lodbrok as a Danish ruler.

  3. Norse religious worship is the traditional religious rituals practiced by Norse pagans in Scandinavia in pre-Christian times. Norse religion was a folk religion (as opposed to an organized religion), and its main purpose was the survival and regeneration of society.

  4. Valhalla (pronounced “val-HALL-uh”; Old Norse Valhöll, “the hall of the fallen”[1]) is the hall where the god Odin houses the dead whom he deems worthy of dwelling with him. According to the Old Norse poem Grímnismál (“The Song of the Hooded One”), the roof of the “gold-bright” Valhalla is made of shields, and has spears … Continue reading Valhalla →

  5. Please also check out our collection of Viking Jewelry, Drinking Horns & More. Last updated on 4/26/2021: A quick note about "Viking" SymbolsIt is helpful to understand the true origin and background of each symbol. Some of these iconic images were primarily used before or after the Viking age. As well, the origi

  6. A stereotypically black name. Typically used as the name of a character is a racial joke, e.g. LeRoy Rogers: Blacks: Black cowboys. Levar: Blacks: Educated blacks. Refers to Levar Burton of "Reading Rainbow" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" fame. Lincoln's Mistake: Blacks: US President Abraham Lincoln is known to have freed the slaves ...

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