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  1. Usually smartphones have a control allowing you to shut off the screen. So you can do this before stowing it and not worry about it doing all those things it will with the screen active. The navigation app should have a control to enable or disable the gps while the phone is asleep. The smartphones can do things a plain gps cannot do.

  2. Bluetooth Phone Compatibility Having a Garmin Gps navigation ... › phone › bluetooth-phone-compatibility

    Jul 03, 2020 · In GPS devices the connection takes place between your GPS and your mobile phone. Your GPS device works like a Bluetooth headset. The Forerunner® device is compatible with smartphones using Bluetooth ® wireless technology. Go to for compatibility information.

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    Jul 16, 2015 · Both Garmin and Magellan offer GPS stand-alone products with integrated dashcams. Garmin also sells a unit that, in addition to the dashcam, features lane departure and forward collision warnings.

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    Feb 21, 2020 · GPS navigation has grown into a robust product category with many options for consumers. App stores offer a variety of smartphone navigation apps, while manufacturers such as Garmin and TomTom sell dedicated GPS devices for cars. We examined each type of technology to provide you with decision-making guidance.

  6. iPhone vs. Garmin GPS - Gaia GPS › iphone-vs-garmin-gps

    We believe Gaia GPS is the best app to use your smartphone as an outdoor GPS, but there are dozens of other apps you will likely find preferable to a Garmin, as well. Both Garmins and iPhones are suitable for getting GPS information, offline, without cell service.

  7. Can dataless smartphones still use GPS navigation apps? - CNET › news › can-dataless-smartphones-still

    Mar 13, 2013 · Navigon. Navigon is a mobile app owned by the satellite navigation and mapping company Garmin.Like the other apps listed here, this navigation and map app works offline as well online. It offers ...

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    Modern smartphones have separate GPS chips and antennas. Phone GPSes are not quite as good as what you find on a Garmin, though, so phones use cell towers to improve location accuracy. When phones lose cell reception, their GPS capability can drop. It depends on a phone.

  9. Standalone GPS vs Smartphone GPS | The GPS Store › Standalone-GPS-vs-Smartphone

    One piece of programming that is available for most smartphones are GPS navigation applications or a built-in GPS program in the phone. At this point, consumers then could have two choices. They could either buy a stand-alone GPS unit for their car or they could just use their existing smartphone for GPS help.

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    I believe it depends on the particular application we are talking about. I own a Garmin 62s device, and I use it for mountain trekking (recording tracks etc.). On the ninth or tenth day in the mountains, I would simply take yet another pair of goo...

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