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  1. Smartphones are the new speedometers: an experiment › smartphones-speedometers-experiment

    Aug 14, 2019 · Yes. Google rolled out a speedometer feature in June to Android phone users. It shows up next to the speed limit icon (or by itself if the app doesn’t know the speed limit where you happen to be driving), and displays your speed in real time. It also turns red when you go above the speed limit.

  2. 10 Best Speedometer Apps For Android and iPhone – Rx Mechanic › best-speedometer-apps
    • Ulysse Speedometer. Ulysse Speedometer is one of the best speedometer apps for android 2020. This feature-rich app is a GPS speedometer that shows your speed in both digital and analog forms.
    • GPS HUD Speedometer. GPS HUD speedometer is another high rated speedometer app for car drivers. It is a digital speed gauge application using a GPS. The user needs to have an active GPS connection for the application to work.
    • GPS Speedometer and Odometer. GPS Speedometer and Odometer is another great app to measure your bikes or car speed. This application has been reviewed to be 98 % accurate.
    • SpeedView: GPS Speedometer. SpeedView is another great speedometer that uses GPS to get accurate speed results. The app informs the user when they exceed the speed limit.
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  4. Best Speedometer Apps For Android | PHONECORRIDOR › speedometer-apps-for-android
    • GPS Speedometer and Odometer. GPS Speedometer and Odometer is a very nice speedometer app as well as an odometer app. From the name, we can tell it has to do with three things; GPS which tracks your location, Speedometer which tracks the speed at which your phone is moving and Odometer which tracks the distance travelled.
    • DigiHUD Speedometer. DigiHUD Speedometer is a very nice looking speedometer which has a digital interface hence the Digi in its name. The interface of this DigiHUD Speedometer is what really makes it stand out.
    • Drag Racer Car Performance. Drag Racer Car Performance like the name implies is an app created for drag racers to not only measure their speed or the speed of their car but also measure how fast the car is going thanks to the odometer.
    • SpeedView. SpeedView isn’t just a speedometer app, it’s more than that. Just like pretty much other Speedometer apps out there, this also uses your smartphone GPS/Compass to know the direction you’re heading and odometer to know the distance travelled and how long it took for your to travel that distance.
    • GPS Speedometer – Speed Tracker App. This GPS speedometer and odometer app will measure the speed of any kind of transportation. It has a simple and attractive user interface with a handful of features.
    • GPS Speedometer. It is another widely used GPS speedometer app for Android. If you want to measure the travel speed of any vehicle then this app would be helpful for you.
    • Digital Speedometer. Measure your current speed using the Digital Speedometer app. You can use it as a bike/motorcycle digital speedometer, bicycle Speedometer, or any other uses.
    • Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD. If you are searching for the best speedometer app for iOS then this app is for you. Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD app comes with a clean user interface.
  5. 10 Best Speedometer Apps for Android - HowToTechNaija › best-speedometer-apps-for-android
    • Ulysse Speedometer App. This is a speedometer app used for safe driving. The tool is a lot more than a mere speedometer as its main screen displays speed, battery charge, time, and date.
    • GPS Speedometer and Odometer. While this app is mostly used for vehicles, such as cars and bikes, it is also great for your runs. GPS Speedometer and Odometer have an offline mode, great if you are taking a trip to a place without internet connection.
    • SpeedView: Legacy Edition. SpeedView features a number of safety features that will warn you when you are moving too fast. Designed with a HUD mode, the app provides all quick stats and info promptly.
    • Speedometer GPSAndroid. There is no how a list of 10 best speedometer apps for Android smartphones in 2018 will be composed without making mention of Speedometer GPS app.
  6. Re: Using a older smartphone in a car to use as speedometer? « Reply #8 on: May 18, 2015, 02:40:47 am » a small car-puter based around a raspberry pi or similar combined with a $10 USB GPS would be able to give you a speed and direction display, but many jurisdictions do and should have laws against using any kind of computer or phone- not ...

  7. How do speedometers work? - Explain that Stuff › how-speedometer-works

    Jan 06, 2020 · Photo: There are quite a few speedometer apps for smartphones, which calculate your speed using GPS (satellite positioning) (or other phone-location) signals (how far you've traveled) and the time. This one's Speedometer Complete for the iPhone, by Daniel J. Pérez. Android apps include GPS Speedometer and Odometer and SpeedView.

  8. How to Measure Almost Anything Using Your Phone › how-to-measure-almost-anything-using

    Smartphones don’t actually have hygrometers (humidity sensors) built in—at least not yet—so if you want to measure humidity, you either need an app that tells you the outdoor reading in your ...

  9. do you have a speedometer | Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit Forum › threads › do-you-have-a

    For those with smartphones, google has this app called my tracks that uses the gps feature on your phone to record where u go. It records max speed, average speed, average moving speed, moving time, total time, total distance, current speed, minimum and max elevation, distance, minimum and max elevation, min and max grade, latitude and longitude, minimum and max grade.

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