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  1. Sep 28, 2023 · Learn to Draw a Dragon with our Step-by-Step Tutorials - Number One Drawing Channel on YouTube. Join our community of aspiring artists and get expert tips an...

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  2. Origami Tutorial Videos. Video tutorials are an excellent way to learn how to fold origami because you can see exactly how each step works, including in-between parts that you can’t easily figure out from diagrams. This section of our website contains a giant index of origami video tutorials sorted into the same categories as our diagrams and ...

  3. Jan 15, 2017 · Card stock = paper with weights from 50 lb to 110 lb (about 135 to 300 g/m²). I use 200 g/m² paper and I find it best combination to print on and work within smaller details. Step 2: "Mountain" Vs. "Valley" Fold. First time a lot of people may have a problem how to actually fold the paper:

  4. Rose. Draw a rose complete with thorns and leaves. Start with the inner leaves and work your way outwards, drawing where they fold over. When it comes to shading, either colour the rose in with a bright red pencil, using a deeper red for the shadows beneath where the petals fold over, or use a graphite pencil.

  5. Jul 10, 2023 · Step 2: Fold the flower base. Fold the top right corner of the paper down so that the top edge meets the left side of the paper. Cut off the bottom rectangle part of the paper. This gives you a square piece of paper. Keeping the paper folded in half, turn the triangle so the long, folded edge is at the bottom. Bring the right bottom corner over ...

  6. Nov 9, 2023 · All you need is origami paper and some fine-tip markers to complete the easy origami projects below. Here are some supplies to get you started: Origami Paper (200 sheets, 20 colors) at Amazon. Rainbow Origami Paper at Amazon. Patterned Origami Paper at Amazon. Crayola Classic Fine Line Markers at Amazon.

  7. Fold a basic triangle and create the wing flaps: Fold into a triangle and then fold the bottom up. Take a square piece of paper 20 x 20cm is nice, but any size will do. (If you are using origami paper, and there is a white side, make sure the white side is on the INSIDE of your foldyou only want the red to show).

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