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  1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock (January 11, 1849 – July 25, 1929) was an American Old West figure, cowboy, and gunfighter. A founding member of the Regulators during the Lincoln County War in New Mexico, Scurlock rode alongside such men as Billy the Kid.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Josiah Gordon "Doc" Scurlock (January 11, 1849 – July 25, 1929) was an American Old West figure, cowboy, and gunfighter. A founding member of the Regulators during the Lincoln County War in New Mexico, Scurlock rode alongside such men as Billy the Kid.

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    Doc Scurlock was born in Tallapoosa County, Alabama to a large family. He was the sixth of eleven children born to his parents Priestly Norman Scurlock and Esther Ann Brown. He studied medicine while in New Orleans and that is where he received his nickname, “Doc”. Doc traveled to Mexico around 1870. While there he got into an altercation with another man. They both drew their pistols and Doc’s opponent fired first. The bullet traveled through his mouth and out the back of his neck. It knocked out his front teeth, but his neck wound healed. Since the bullet did not stay it did not cause an infection. In response, Doc fired a shot at the man and killed him.

    Doc Scurlock left Mexico and returned to the United States in 1871 and went to work with John Chisum. He and other riders were also used to defend Chisum and his cattle holdings in the event cattle rustlers attempted to prey on them. Sometime during 1873, he and Jack Holt were surprised by a group of Native Americansand Holt was killed. Scurlock found refuge among some rocks and, after a protracted fight, he killed the Native American leader. During the night he slipped away and walked 20 miles or help. At some time after the fight, Holt’s body was presumably partially dismembered, as his right arm was removed at the elbow. In September 1875, Scurlock’s riding partner, Newt Higgins, was killed by Native Americans. Scurlock was so upset over this incident he told Chisum he wanted to quit. Chisum, however, would not hear of it and refused to pay him. Scurlock then made the newspapers when he stole three horses, two saddles, and a rifle and left for Arizona. Chisum sent some of his men...

    In Arizona, he met Charlie Bowdre and the two men opened a cheese factory on the Gila River. Some of Scurlock and Bowdre’s descendants have said that one of their first employees was Billy the Kid. After they closed the cheese factory in the spring of 1876, Scurlock and his best friend, Bowdre, returned to Lincoln County, New Mexico, where they bought a ranch on public domain land on the Rio Ruidoso from L. G. Murphy on credit, which made them victims of the L. G. Murphy & Co. monopoly. Scurlock, Bowdre, Frank Coe, George Coe, and Ab Saunders stormed the very weak Lincoln jail on July 18, 1876, freeing cattle rustler Jesus Largo from the custody of Sheriff Saturnino Baca. They took Largo outside of town and hanged him. Scurlock accidentally shot and killed his friend, Mike G. Harkins, manager of John H. Riley’s store at Blazer’s Mill, while he was examining a pistol on September 2, 1876. On October 19, 1876, Scurlock and María Antonia Miguela Herrera were married in Lincoln, New Mex...

    In late 1879, Doc Scurlock moved from New Mexico to Texas. Here he settled down and became a respected citizen. By 1880 he had left his outlaw ways behind him and settled in Potter County, Texas and seemed to be keeping the mail station or was the postmaster. Doc Scurlock died at age 80 from a heart attack in Eastland, Texas. He is interred in Eastland City Cemetery, along with his wife and other family members.

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  5. Josiah Gordon “Doc” Scurlock (1850-1929) A cowboy, gunfighter, and founding member of the Regulators during New Mexico’s Lincoln County War, Scurlock began his life as the sixth of 11 children in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. He was born on January 11, 1850 to Priestly Norman Scurlock and Esther Ann Brown.

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    Scurlock joined Billy the Kid, ranchers George and Frank Coe, and forty others to exact revenge, calling themselves the Regulators. After being wounded in the Battle at Blazer’s Mill on April 4, 1878, Scurlock became the third leader of the Regulators.

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    Sep 01, 2020 · Doc Scurlock. Several members of The Regulators were in Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory, well before the famed war. Among them: Doc Scurlock, Charlie Bowdre, Frank Coe, George Coe and Ab Saunders. All were involved in ranching and cattle by 1876.

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    McNab was replaced by the Regulators final leader, Doc Scurlock. William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid, never made any effort to become well known, or to be the main subject of news reports on the events taking place during the range war.

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    Regulators LEMC is an old school club with traditions dating back to the 1800's where the Regulators were an American Old West deputized posse that fought in the Lincoln County War. They had famous members such as Billy the Kid, Ab Saunders and Doc Scurlock to name a few. Our club was established in August 2018 in CIncinnati, OH.

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    Actor Keifer Sutherland played one of the other Regulators, a scholarly fellow named Josiah Gordon Scurlock, but generally called by the nickname “Doc.” Doc Scurlock was one of the most ...

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    Jan 15, 2016 · In late August, the Regulators arrive back in Fort Sumner and are reunited with Charlie Bowdre and Doc Scurlock. Both men still have their jobs on the Maxwell ranch and have also obtained living quarters in the old Indian hospital located at the edge of the old fort.

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