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  1. Doctor Detroit (1983) - IMDb

    Directed by Michael Pressman. With Dan Aykroyd, Howard Hesseman, Donna Dixon, Lydia Lei. A pimp on the run trusts his sex workers to a meek professor of literature, who accepts the challenge.

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  2. Doctor Detroit (1983) - Connections - IMDb

    Doctor Detroit (1983) Connections on IMDb: Referenced in, Featured in, Spoofed and more...

  3. Reviews: Doctor Detroit - IMDb

    DOCTOR DETROIT (1983) **1/2 Dan Aykroyd, Howard Hesseman, Donna Dixon, Fran Drescher, TK Carter, George Furth, James Brown. Aykroyd has a field day as milquetoast college professor who unwittingly is enlisted by a pimp to assume the identity of a ganglord mack daddy as the eponymous not-to-be-trifled man about town.

  4. Doctor Detroit | IMDB v2.1

    A promised sequel was teased at the end of the movie and parodied the previous year's Wrath of Khan (The Doctor's nemesis was a ruthless Madame who went by "Mom"). Hard to believe he did something like this in the same year he had Trading Places , for my money the best comedy ever.

  5. List of films: D - Wikipedia

    Doctor Detroit (1983) Doctor Dolittle (1967) Doctor Dracula (1978) Doctor Faustus: (1967 & 1982) Doctor in the House (1954) Doctor Sleep: (2002 & 2019) Doctor Strange: Doctor Strange: (1978 & 2016) Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme (2007) Doctor Who (1996 TV) Doctor X (1932) Doctor Zhivago (1965) Dodesukaden (1970) Dodge City (1939 ...

  6. Doctor Detroit (1983)- coming from Shout! Factory 4/24/18 ...

    Clifford Skridlow's newest profession is the oldest profession in Doctor Detroit, a chaotic comedy starring the one and only Dan Aykroyd. When fast-talking pimp Smooth Walker (Howard Hesseman, WKRP In Cincinnati) finds himself in hot water with Chicago crime boss Mom (Kate Murtagh), he claims that there's a new player in the game: Doctor ...

  7. Doctor Detroit : definition of Doctor Detroit and synonyms of ... Detroit/en-en

    Smooth invents a fictitious business partner, the flamboyant "Doctor Detroit", in an attempt to save himself from Mom's wrath. Through a series of comical misunderstandings, Cliff is conned into becoming Smooth Walker's patsy. He transforms himself into Doctor Detroit, embarking on a dangerous mission to protect the girls from Mom.

  8. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) The Woman in Red (1984) Sheena (1984)

  9. F This Movie!: I'll Watch Anything: Patrick Watches Breakin ...

    The main thrust of the movie involves an evil developer's attempts to shut down Miracles, the graffiti-painted community center where Ozone (who doesn't own a full shirt -- only halves) teaches dance classes. The gang decides to put together a street festival to raise the money and save Miracles.

  10. The Scott Rollins Film and TV Trivia Blog: Kate Murtagh ...

    On the big screen Murthagh scored big as evil madam/drug peddler Francis Amthor in the 1975 film FAREWELL, MY LOVELY, with Robert Mitchum as Raymond Chandler's famed gumshoe Philip Marlowe, and as 2 unforgettable Mom's no kid could love: the brusque Chicago crime boss ''Mom'', who does battle with Dan Aykroyd's made-up mobster DOCTOR DETROIT & the aptly named Mom Smackley, the abusive ...

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