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  1. 5,500 callmehbob Diamond Ring Accessory 0 Canadian Flag Accessory 0 Candy Cane Sugar Wings 4,000 Candy Cane Swords Accessory Candy Explosion!!! Cane Carol of the Elves Booties Castle Keeper 12,750 Celebration Balloon Accessory Celebration Bow Tie Accessory Celebration Sombrero Celestial Cathedral Veil Accessory 15,000 Celestial Flower Bouquet

  2. NO. 7 Value: 1.70M Trades: 31 Valentines 2020 NO. 8 Value: 1.45M Trades: 21 Solarix Tidalglow 2023 NO. 9 Value: 1.18M Trades: 52 Starlight ★ Flowering 2023 NO. 10 Value: 1.15M Trades: 33

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  4. 1: all the halos This is almost definitely because of the new halo, and it’s very common that when a new halo comes out it’s worth skyrockets to the top. (Ex: mermaid 2022) and then things settle later. However, every single other halos worth has gone down, even by like 300k+.

  5. I don’t have ltbs and im trying to EXPLAIN, we are the ones who create the price right now. And by we I mean the royale high community, if everyone randomly started selling merry sparkly dress for 1mil and people bought for 1mil and the whole community did that then it would be 1mil like pacifier its a free item but people decided to overprice.

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  6. Mar 23, 2020 · Trading is a gameplay feature added to Royale High on March 23, 2020. It is only available to players level 75 or higher in the Intergalactic Trading Hub. Trading is only available to use in the Intergalactic Trading Hub, which can only be accessed by players level 75 or higher. Trading is separately also locked to levels 75 or higher. Players that live in South Korea or The Netherlands cannot ...

  7. The wealthiest Roblox players ranked by the total value of their collectibles! 1 2 3 4 5 … 20 Roblox Rank #1 Value R$ 455,138,165 RAP R$ 282,121,405 SonOfSevenless Rank #2 Value R$ 313,644,655 RAP R$ 168,100,637 Stickmasterluke Rank #3 Value R$ 299,251,759 RAP R$ 203,756,324 Linkmon99 Rank #4 Value R$ 241,773,115 RAP R$ 146,317,934 Simoon68 Rank

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