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  1. A dominant ideology is a term that refers to the beliefs and ideas shared by the majority of people in a particular group. An ideology is simply a set of beliefs and ideas, such as religious conservatism, that influences peoples’ behaviors and perception of the world.

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  3. History is filled with examples of what happens when dominant ideology breaks down. Most of the time, this results in civil unrest, at the very least, and war. All it really takes to incite change is one or two factions of society with no means to attain wealth or or no real desire to stockpile material goods deciding to work together to revolt ...

  4. Jun 18, 2020 · Dominant ideology means “the principal ideas, values, and morals in a given society” (Abercrombie and Turner 149). These are values, belief systems, ethics, and opinions, which majorities relate to and share in a given community. Dominant ideologies act as means of social control.

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  6. Therefore, from a Marxist perspective, dominant ideology is the ideology of the dominant class. From a Non-Marxist perspective, dominant ideology refers to the values, beliefs, and morals shared by the majority of society. An example of the ideology being projected by the media regarding immigrants.

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