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    Don't Starve[]

    Wilson in a promotional image for Don't Starve.

    Wilson in an early promotional image for the game.

    Wilson in another promotional image for the game.

    Wilson in another promotional image for the game.

    Wilson being startled by a Treeguard in a promotional image for Don't Starve.

    In Klei's Forums Background.

    Wilson as a mask, part of Hot Lava customization.

    Wilson as a badge, part of Hot Lava customization.

    Wilson as a part of Hot Lava customization.

    Wilson's Weave along with the Ham Shank on the promotional banner for Don't Starve-themed items in Team Fortress 2 (TF2).

    Promotional art by Jeff Agala for the Don't Starve-themed items in TF2.

    Don't Starve[]

    Wilson as he appears in the Forbidden Knowledge trailer.

    Wilson and the radio in the Forbidden Knowledge trailer.

    Wilson as seen in the The End of the Beginning update trailer.

    Wilson with a Bunnyman in the Underground update trailer.

    Wilson discovering Runic Turf in the The Stuff of Nightmares update trailer.

    Wilson as seen in an image on Klei Entertainment's website.

    Wilson drinking some coffee in a variant of a drawing made by Klei as thanks to a coffee donation at PAX and posted on Facebook on 9/9/2015.

    Wilson in a Don't Starve Shipwrecked official wallpaper.

    Wilson and some monsters in an official wallpaper.

    Wilson huddled around a firepit in an official Wallpaper.

    Wilson, Poison Birchnut tree and some Birchnutters in an official wallpaper.

    Not Dead Yet (Survived 20 consecutive days.)

    Stayin' Alive (Survived 35 consecutive days.)

    I Will Survive (Survived 55 consecutive days.)

    I'm a Survivor (Survived 70 consecutive days.)

    Tough Crowd (Had four simultaneous rock lobster followers. Snappy!)

    These Kids are our Future (Give resources to a new player after establishing yourself for 20 days.)

    Wilson's Steam Trading Card for Don't Starve.

    Wilson's foil Steam Trading Card for Don't Starve.

    Wilson in the expanded Steam Card.

    Wilson and Willow in a Steam Trading Card for Don't Starve Together

    Wilson and Willow in the foil version of the Trading Card for DST.

    Wilson in the expanded DST Steam Card.

    A model Wilson holding an Ice Staff. A model Wilson holding an Eye Bone with a figurine Chester. A model Wilson with a Spear. Old Wilson figure concept art A limited edition Shadow Wilson figure with an Axe and Beardling-like Rabbit. Box art for the limited edition Shadow Wilson. A special edition figure of Wilson with a Beard, Log Suit, Razor and Fire Pit. Box art for the special edition Wilson. A special gilded Wilson figure. In Blind Box Figure Case Art Limited edition Humble Wilson.

    Wilson Funko Pop An official artwork of Wilson holding an exclusive Tesla Coil Lantern.

    A Wilson pin.

    Wilson in Terraria

    Wilson's beard in Terraria

    Wilson's long beard in Terraria

    Wilson's magnificent beard in Terraria

    Wilson's gentleman's vest in Terraria

    Wilson's gentleman's trousers in Terraria

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  4. Wilson Percival Higgsbury is the first available playable character in Don't Starve (requiring no Experience to play) and one of the playable characters in Don't Starve Together (DST). He was released along with the Don't Starve vanilla Beta in late 2012 as the main protagonist and is the first playable character with a confirmed backstory.

  5. Apr 3, 2019 · Don't Starve [Don't Starve] Art, Music & Lore ; Wilson fan art Wilson fan art. By FunkyRob, April 3, 2019 in [Don't Starve] Art, Music & Lore. Share

  6. Hey, I just made a Fan Art for Dont Starve. This is the original picture: (I cant draw without inspiration from other pictures) me a few hours. Hope you...

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