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  1. don 1 (dɒn; Sp., It. dɔn) n. 1. ( cap.) Mr.; Sir: a Spanish title prefixed to a man's given name. 2. (in Spanish-speaking countries) a lord or gentleman. 3. ( cap.) an Italian title of address, esp. for a priest. 4. (in the English universities) a head, fellow, or tutor of a college. 5. the head of a Mafia family. 6.

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    Oct 20, 2006 · A man who lives life on the edge, Don is constantly expanding the size of his empire while evading arrest or death at the hands of his enemies, both within and outside the law. He is unstoppable in his pursuit of absolute power. His chief pursuer is an Indian police officer, Desilva.

  3. Don is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language coming-of-age comedy drama film written and directed by Cibi Chakaravarthi, in his directorial debut. Produced by Lyca Productions and Sivakarthikeyan Productions, it stars Sivakarthikeyan, S. J. Suryah, Samuthirakani, Priyanka Arul Mohan and Soori. The film revolves around a reluctant engineering student repeatedly clashing with his college's discipline mentor, while still trying to discover his passion in life and prove his eligibility to his father.

  4. Don is prefixed either to the full name or to the person's given name. The form "Don Lastname" for crime bosses (as in Don Corleone ) is an American custom. In Southern Italy, mafia bosses are addressed as "Don Firstname" by other mafiosi and sometimes their victims as well, while the press usually refers to them as "Firstname Lastname", without the honorific.

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    don (unit), a Korean unit of weight Donburi, or don, a Japanese rice bowl dish Russian Don, a horse breed Tropical Storm Don (2011) Director of nursing (long term care facility) Director of nursing (other uses) See also [ edit] Search for "Don" on Wikipedia. Don Bridge (disambiguation) All pages with titles beginning with Don

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    Hi, mijn naam is Don de Jong en ik ben 23 jaar oud! Ik upload elke dag om 17:00 uur een nieuwe vlog over mijn dagelijks leven! Zakelijk contact:

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