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  1. Knuth's work on digital typography has empowered both the scientists who use it to express their research and artists who have begun to use it elsewhere. -- Patrick Ion (Math Reviews, November 2002) He being a great writer, a dedicated typesetter and a rather meticulous font shaper, made this book an extreme pleasure to read.

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    In 1989, Donald Knuth released new versions of TeX and Metafont. Despite his desire to keep the program stable, Knuth realised that 128 different characters for the text input were not enough to accommodate foreign languages; the main change in version 3.0 of TeX (also called TeX90) is thus the ability to work with 8-bit inputs, allowing 256 ...

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  3. Donald Ervin Knuth is an American computer scientist, mathematician, and Professor Emeritus at Stanford University. He is the author of the multi-volume work The Art of Computer Programming and has been called the "father" of the analysis of algorithms.

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  5. Digital Typography Donald E. Knuth In this collection, the second in the series, Knuth explores the relationship between computers and typography. The present volume, in the words of the author, is a legacy to all the work he has done on typography.

  6. Sep 30, 1998 · One of the foremost figures in the field of mathematical sciences, Knuth has written papers which are widely referenced and stand as milestones of development over a wide range of topics. In this collection, the third in the series, Knuth explores the relationship between computers and typography.

  7. Donald E. Knuth's five volumes on Computers & Typesetting comprise the definitive user guides and thoroughly documented program code for the TeX and METAFONT systems. This open-source software is widely used around the world by scientists, mathematicians, and others to produce high-quality, aesthetically pleasing text, especially where ...

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