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    The territory of Hesse was delineated only in 1945, as Greater Hesse, under American occupation.It corresponds only loosely to the medieval Landgraviate of Hesse.In the 19th century, prior to the unification of Germany, the territory of what is now Hesse comprised the territories of Grand Duchy of Hesse, the Duchy of Nassau, the free city of Frankfurt and the Electorate of Hesse (also known as ...

    • 21,100 km² (8,100 sq mi)
    • Germany
  2. In 1861, the Liberals won the first (relatively) free elections after the end of neoabsolutism. After the great flood of 1830, Regulation of the Danube was frequently considered. It was finally put into practice during the 1860s. The many branches of the Danube were removed, and a straight course was created away from the city centre.

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    In 2003–2008 the Austrian tourism industry enjoyed a six-year streak of growth, with each year beating the previous record by an average 2.1%. Tourism generated 8.4% of Austrian gross domestic product (23.6 billion Euros) and provided 181 thousand jobs. The "top ten" of Vienna's tourist attractions in this period included the Schönbrunn Palace, Tiergarten Schönbrunn, the Albertina, the Wiener Riesenrad, the Hofburg Palace museums, the Belvedere, the Kunsthistorisches and Naturhistorisches museums, the KunstHausWien and the Donauturmobservation deck. In 2008, the effects of the unfolding global financial crisis on the economy were more than offset by a boost from the UEFA Euro 2008. The number of tourists reached an all-time high, although during the tournament itself museum attendance dropped by 60%, and theatres cancelled their shows altogether. The crisis hit the Austrian tourist industry in the first quarter of 2009, when international tourist arrivals dropped by 8.6%. Museum att...

    Annual rankings of tourist attractions are compiled and published by the Vienna Tourist Board (German: Wiener Tourismusverband). The underlying tickets sales statistics counts all visitors, tourists and Viennese natives, together. Freely accessible landmarks are omitted from the statistics altogether. The symbol of Vienna, St. Stephen's Cathedral, ranks only seventeenth: the number (218,000 visitors in 2009) represents sales of tickets to its underground crypts, but access to the cathedral itself is free. The Schönbrunn Palace counts each entry by a holder of a multi-entry ticket as a separate visit. Thus, for example, in 2008 it sold 1.98 million tickets, but reported 2.581 million entries. The Palmenhaus and the Wüstenhaus, tropical landscape exhibits in the historic greenhouses of Tiergarten Schönbrunn, are counted as separate tourist attractions. The three Hofburg exhibitions (the Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museumand the Imperial Silver collection) are usually visited as a packag...

    Mazanec, Josef; Wober, Karl (2009). Analysing International City Tourism. Springer. ISBN 3-211-09415-6.
    OECD (2010). OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2010. OECD Publishing. ISBN 92-64-07741-3.
    • 186.28 ha (460.3 acres)
    • 1996 (20th Session)
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    Margareten ( German pronunciation: [ˌmaʁɡaˈʁeːtn̩] ( listen); Bavarian: Magredn) is the fifth district of Vienna ( German: 5. Bezirk, Margareten ). It is near the old town of Vienna and was established as a district in 1850, but borders changed later. Margareten is a residential urban area, with over 25,000 inhabitants per km², one of ...

    • 2.03 km² (0.78 sq mi)
    • Vienna
    • A-1050
    • Austria
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    Leopoldstadt. Eine Insel mitten in der Stadt. Vienna: Mohl, 1978, ISBN 3-900272-29-8 (in German) External links. Vienna – Inner East travel guide from Wikivoyage Media related to Leopoldstadt at Wikimedia Commons An entry from the aeiou Encyclopedia (in English) Leopoldstadt Online — a private online project (in German) Augarten-Porzellan

    • 19.27 km² (7.44 sq mi)
    • Austria
    • Vienna
    • Ursula Lichtenegger (Green)
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    1st-millennium BCE – Vindobonasettled.
    180 – Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius dies in Vindobona.
    881 – The Bavarians had their first clash at Weniawith the Hungarians (first mention of Vienna).
    1030 – The Hungarians besiege Vienna.
    1808 – 22 December: Premiere of Beethoven's Fifth and Sixth Symphonies, Choral Fantasy, and Piano Concerto No. 4 at the Theater an der Wien.
    1809 – Battle of Aspern-Essling. Joseph Haydndies.


    1. 1901 – Universal Editionin business. 2. 1902 2.1. Freudenau harbor constructed. 2.2. Franciszek Trześniewskiopens restaurant. 3. 1903 3.1. Kuchelau harbor constructed. 3.2. Wiener Werkstätteart group founded. 4. 1904 4.1. Floridsdorfdistrict added. 4.2. Café Korb[de]in business. 5. 1908 – Vienna Psychoanalytic Societyactive. 6. 1910 – Population: 2,031,000. 7. 1912 – Aspern Airfield opens. 8. 1913 8.1. 23 February: Premiere of Schoenberg's Gurre-Lieder. 8.2. Richard Weiskirchner[de]becomes...


    1. 1951 – Franz Jonasbecomes mayor. 2. 1954 2.1. Vienna International Airportopens. 2.2. Flood. 3. 1957 – International Atomic Energy Agencyheadquartered in Vienna. 4. 1958 – Freudenauer Harbour Bridge[de]built. 5. 1959 5.1. Vienna Museumopens. 5.2. City hosts World Festival of Youth and Students. 6. 1960 – Österreichische Mediathek(sound archive) headquartered in city. 7. 1961 – Vienna summitof USA and USSR. 8. 1962 – Vienna S-Bahnbegins. 9. 1964 – Österreichisches Filmmuseumestablished. 10....

    2001 – IZD Tower[de]and Ares Tower built.
    2003 – Lighthouse Wienfounded.
    2004 – Saturn Tower[de]built.
    2007 – EU Fundamental Rights Agencyestablished.
    Links to fulltext city directories for Viennavia Wikisource
  6. The Critical Foreign Dependencies Initiative (CFDI) is a strategy and list, maintained by the United States Department of Homeland Security, of foreign infrastructure which "if attacked or destroyed would critically impact the U.S." A copy of the 2008 list was redacted (removing details of names and locations) and leaked by WikiLeaks on 5 December 2010 as part of the website's leak of US ...

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