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  1. Shrek and Fiona (owners) Spouse. Dragon. Children. Debbie, Coco, Bananas, Peanut, Parfait, Eclair. Donkey is a fictional fast- talking donkey created by William Steig and adapted by DreamWorks Animation for the Shrek franchise. The character is voiced by Eddie Murphy.

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      Empire listed Donkey as No. 21 on their "50 Best Animated...

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    Donkey is a gray donkey with brown eyes and a black mane.

    Donkey is first seen on a leash with his owner in a line, where fairy tale creatures are being given to the Duloc Guards for money. Their captain is hesitant to accept Donkey until she proves he can talk, which he refuses to do, causing her to be taken away - however, Donkey accidentally gets hit by fairy dust from a fairy (which Peter Pan was taking in to sell), giving him the ability to fly, much to his joy. Donkey exposes himself by boasting as he soars upwards, but then the magic wears of...

    In the second film, Shrek and Fiona arrive at their swampafter their honeymoon, only to realize that Donkey had "babysat" their home while they were gone. He reveals that he had come because Dragon had been all moody and vicious lately, and takes a minute to get the hint that Shrek and Fiona want some time alone. When Shrek and Fiona are invited to the kingdom of Far Far Away, Donkey accompanies them but is extremely annoying all the way, repeatedly asking the two if they're there yet and mak...

    Donkey is a playable character in the Shrek 2 video gameas both his standard "donkey" form and as a stallion with Shrek riding him. He's playable as a donkey in "Shrek's Swamp", "Spooky Forest", "Far Far Away", "Ogre Killer", "Walking the Path", "Jack and Jill's Farm", "Fairy Godmother's" and "Final Fight", and playable as a stallion in "The Mines" and "Cookie Cookie". His special ability as a donkey is Burro Blast, an incredibly strong kicking attack, and his ability as a stallion is Charge, which causes him to rush forward while Shrek swings his sword. Both abilities have the power to break specially marked objects. Donkey appeared in Shrek Super Slamas one of the 10 starting characters. His Super Slam has him charge around the stage, slamming any opponents he runs into. In story mode, Donkey is controlled in the second and seventh chapter, "K.N.I.G.H.T.S" and "Medieval Chef" respectively. He is also briefly seen in the opening cutscene to the fourth chapter, "Iron Donkey". In Meg...

    Contrary to his species' stubborn stereotypes, Donkey is a hyperactive, simple-minded chatterbox and sociable to a fault. He enjoys singing, idle chatter and often speaks ebonics, and while rarely ill-intentioned can prove rather oblivious and irritating those around him (especially Shrek). Donkey is also often quite cowardly and tends to panic in the face of danger, which often proves trying in emergencies when coupled with his impatience and short attention span. Some of Donkey's foibles include loudness, acrophobia, colorblindness, hypochondria (fear of illness), and cowardice. For these reasons and more, Donkey can prove to be somewhat of a (dense, irritating, miniature beast of) burden when journeying with others. However, there is one thing Donkey is very stubborn about - making friends. Despite his many flaws, Donkey is a loyal character whose friendliness comes from a place of genuine kindness, and it's been proven multiple times that his insistence on becoming friends with...

    In a faux interview with Donkey in 2001, he mentions wanting to work on Broadway and film. These include a remake of The Odd Couple and a musical version of Don Quixote. His goals are to play Felix...
    Donkey makes a guest appearance in the Father of the Pride episode of the same name. He visits the compound to shoot a commercial for a Japanese SUV. In the series, Donkey is portrayed as a self-ce...
    Despite being an animal himself, he had two dead pet fish in the 2nd film.
    In the book, Donkey's role was much more minor and served as Shrek's mount for a short time.
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    Shrek and Donkey travel to the castle and are attacked by Dragon. Shrek locates Fiona, who is appalled by his lack of romanticism, and they flee the castle after rescuing Donkey. When Shrek removes his helmet revealing he is an ogre, Fiona stubbornly refuses to go to Duloc demanding Farquaad arrive in person, but Shrek carries her against her will.

  4. Donkey is A Donkey From Shrek. 1 Bio 2 Donkey Plays Luk in Gumballto (Version 2) 3 Donkey Plays Mushu in Orianalan 4 Donkey With Shrek Plays Pumbaa in The Japanese King 1 1/2 (Dragon Rockz Style) 5 Donkey Plays Lew Zealand in The Children Show (The Muppet Show) 6 Donkey Plays the Carpenter in...

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    Donkey is extremely talkative. However, despite his childlike excitement, he is clear-minded as he does not see Shrek as a threat when he first roars at him. He loves to dance, enjoys singing, idle chatter, which proves rather annoying to those around him. Being a donkey, he has a sweet tooth and enjoys such foods as parfait, cake, waffles (his favorite) and "upside-down coconut souffle with mango chutney sauce",has acrophobia, colorblindness, hypochondria (fear of illness), cowardice, impatience and short attention span, is often innocent and tactless, and even a bit dim. In a scene about Merlin's bonfire, Donkey's sweet tooth gets the best of him, for he sees only a fudge torte in the enchanted smoke. Despite his annoying traits, flightiness and occasional cowardliness, Donkey is a good-natured, golden-hearted, sweet, and euphoric character. He is a deeply caring and loyal friend who will stick by his best friends side and be supportive of them through thick and thin, especially S...

    Not much is known about Donkey, though he mentions in Shrek 2, after being asked by Shrek to think of the saddest thing that ever happened to him, he mentions that he was sold for some magic beans and that he was pinned a tail on at a party, then the guests got drunk and started shouting Pinata, pinata, pinata. Presumably was later given to the Old womanwho was his owner at the start of the first film.

    The first appearance of Donkey is when an old woman tries to sell him to Lord Farquaad's guards for money. Since Donkey refuses to talk, the captain doesn't believe that he can. After the old woman is arrested, never to be seen again, Donkey finally speaks while enjoying some flying pixie dust, convincing the captain. By his own oral accounts, Donkey had suffered a life of abuse and ridicule before (literally) running into Shrek, a satanically grouchy, reclusive ogre in the first film. When S...

    In the second film, Shrek and Fiona arrive at their swamp after their honeymoon, only to realize that Donkey had "babysat" their home. He had come because Dragon was all moody and vicious. When Shrek and Fiona are invited to the kingdom of Far Far Away, Donkey accompanies them but is extremely annoying all the way. He is excited to be in the palace. Donkey and Shrek go into the woods after the king had invited them for some father-son bonding with Shrek, and they meet a tabby cat named Puss i...

    Donkey is enjoying fatherhood in Shrek the Third, but he is still first and foremost Shrek's sidekick and closest friend. When Far Far Away is in need of a new king, Donkey ventures off with Shrek in search of Fiona's cousin Arthur Pendragon, known simply as Artie at the Worcestershire boarding school where he resides. When Fiona announces her pregnancy, Donkey is very excited about that he's going to be an "uncle". In their magical transport back to Far Far Away (aided by a slightly off-kilt...

    In the 2008 musical adaptation of Shrek, Donkey is portrayed by Tony nominee Daniel Breaker. Breaker said that he had never seen any of the Shrek films before and chose not to, so his performance would not be a copy of Eddie Murphy's Donkey. The main (and possibly only) difference between the animated and musical versions of Donkey is that on Broadway Donkey walks on his "hind" legs; otherwise, the two are the same lovable jabbering jackasses. Donkey's past is never brought up, but at one point he tells Shrek that he "did six years in solitary (confinement) for impersonating a pinata". After Shrek leaves his swamp to confront Lord Farquaad, Donkey literally runs into him while trying to escape the lord's goons. When Shrek succeeds in frightening them away, Donkey refuses to leave Shrek's side and begs him to "Don't Let Me Go". Shrek reluctantly allows him to tag along and they meet Farquaad together, who sends them to rescue Princess Fiona. When Shrek wonders if this is going to be...

    Donkey's lower lip sticks out when he gets angry.
    Donkey may hail from Texas because he has buckteeth and speaks with a southern accent.
    Steven Spielberg wanted his good friend Steve Martinto voice Donkey.
    Donkey guest-starred in an episode of Father of the Pride called "Donkey." It portrays him as a rather conceited Hollywood actor whom everyone likes. In the same episode, there was a Donkey stunt d...
    "I always hoped this would be a happy ending."
    "Come on Shrek, we don't want to hit traffic!"
    "I can't believe you're going to just walk away from the best thing that ever happened to you!"
    "Shrek! You never told us you were in a... a play! (as Puss in Boots)
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    Donkey is a calm and well-mannered talking donkey, though sometimes a bit energetic with a hunger for adventure. He has a very good heart, but his end-less talk and confused personality can be somewhat annoying for others, which makes him somewhat of a nuisance, but he never holds any bad intentions. Because of the life of abuse he suffered before meeting Shrek, Donkey was left with an extreme obsession for friendship to the point that he have little to no regard for Shrek's wish of privacy. Donkey enjoys singing, idle chatter and often speaks ebonics, which annoys others, mainly his best friend Shrek. Despite his hunger of adventure, Donkey is extremely fearful and cowardly, being afraid of heights, dark, ghosts, spiders, blood and several other things. His cowardice can even led him to be paranoid, such as when he thought he was melting when it actually was just the rain. Despite his fears getting the best of him, Donkey is extremely heroic and noble, and cares deeply for his fami...

    Donkey is presumably born in a factory and maybe lived in the same factory as a cub, later being adopted by a boy named Jack but Jack gave Donkey away for magic beans, Donkey becomed after this the pet of a old man but he becomes maybe being gave to a old lady who tracts him bad.

    In the movies, he is voiced by Eddie Murphy, but in various video games, he is voiced by Mark Moseley, who also voiced Mushu, another character formally voiced by Murphy.
    Donkey appears as "Donkey Mario" in the SuperMarioLogan video "Shrek's Crappy Wish", where Shrek had made a wish that Mario would change into a realdonkey.
    Before Eddie Murphy was cast as Donkey, the late Samuel E. Wright, Rowan Atkinson, Ricky Gervais, Steve Martin, Michael Wallis, Martin Short, the late Robin Williams, John Goodman, Jason Alexander,...
    He and Shrek are very similar to Sid and Manny.
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