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  1. The King of Kong - Wikipedia

    Oct 11, 2020 · The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters is a 2007 American documentary film about competitive arcade gaming directed by Seth Gordon.It follows Steve Wiebe in his attempts to take the high score record for the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong from Billy Mitchell.

    • Craig Richey
    • Ed Cunningham, Luis Lopez, J. Clay Tweel, Beau Bauman, Ross Tuttle
  2. List of highest-grossing video game franchises - Wikipedia

    Oct 15, 2020 · Donkey Kong: 1981 est. $6.846 billion (as of 2019) Donkey Kong (1981) – $4.4 billion; Donkey Kong Country – $2.223 billion; Other games (Japan) – $223.4 million; Nintendo: Arcade Platformer (2D platformer) Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor) 2015 est. $6.75 billion (as of 2019) 2016 – $1.61 billion; 2017–2018 – $3.54 billion

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    6 days ago · Frank Welker is an American actor who specializes in voice acting and has contributed character voices and other vocal effects to American television and motion pictures.

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    Game installments

    1. Donkey Kong 2. Donkey Kong 3. Donkey Kong 4. Donkey Kong 5. Donkey Kong 6. Donkey Kong 7. Donkey Kong 8. Donkey Kong 9. Donkey Kong 10. Donkey Kong(Commodore VIC-20) 11. Donkey Kong Jr. 12. Donkey Kong Jr. 13. Donkey Kong Jr. 14. Donkey Kong Jr. 15. Donkey Kong Jr. 16. Donkey Kong 3 17. Donkey Kong 3 18. Donkey Kong 3 19. Donkey Kong Circus 20. Donkey Kong Classics 21. Donkey Kong(Game Boy) 22. Donkey Kong(Game Boy) 23. Donkey Kong(Game Boy) 24. Donkey Kong (Game Boy) (Nintendo Power) 25....


    1. Saturday Supercade 2. Super Mario-Kun 3. Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle 4. Concept drawings of Donkey Kong from 1993 5. A faxed drawing of Donkey Kong sent by Miyamoto to Rare 6. Comparison between Miyamoto's sketch, Rare's sketch, and their final rendered image 7. Slide from Nelvana's 1999 annual report 8. Donkey Kong posing 9. Profile of Donkey Kong 10. Player's Choice 11. Club Nintendo 12. Badge from Nintendo Badge Arcade 13. 2D art of Donkey Kong 14. 2D art of Donkey Kong 15...

    Note: Games below are organized in accordance with individual release. If only the year of a release is known, it is treated as being straight in the middle of said year, i.e. after June and before July. 1. Donkey Kong(Arcade) 2. Donkey Kong(Arcade) 3. Donkey Kong(Arcade) 4. Donkey Kong(Intellivision) 5. Donkey Kong(ColecoVision) 6. Donkey Kong(Atari 2600) 7. Donkey Kong(Game & Watch) 8. Donkey Kong Jr. 9. Donkey Kong(Coleco Tabletop) 10. Donkey Kong(Atari 8-bit) 11. Donkey Kong Jr.(Game & Watch, Panorama version) 12. Donkey Kong Jr.(Atari 2600) 13. Donkey Kong(TI-99/4A) 14. Donkey Kong II 15. Donkey Kong(DOS) 16. Donkey Kong Jr.(ColecoVision) 17. Donkey Kong Jr.(Intellivision) 18. Donkey Kong(NES) 19. Donkey Kong Jr. (NES) 20. Donkey Kong 3 21. Donkey Kong 3 22. Donkey Kong Jr. Math 23. Donkey Kong(Commodore VIC-20) 24. Donkey Kong(Commodore 64, 1983 version by Atarisoft) 25. Donkey Kong Jr.(Atari 8-bit) 26. Donkey Kong(Apple II) 27. Donkey Kong 3(NES) 28. Donkey Kong 3(NES) 29. Do...

    Video games

    1. Donkey Kong(Arcade) 2. Donkey Kong (ColecoVision) 3. Donkey Kong (Intellivision) 4. Donkey Kong (Atari 2600 ver.) 5. Donkey Kong (Atari 8-bit) 6. Donkey Kong (Commodore VIC-20) 7. Donkey Kong (Commodore 64, 1983 version by Atarisoft) 8. Donkey Kong (DOS) 9. Donkey Kong (TI-99/4A) 10. Donkey Kong (NES ver.) 11. Donkey Kong (Apple II) 12. Donkey Kong (Commodore 64, 1986 version by Ocean) 13. Donkey Kong (MSX) 14. Donkey Kong (ZX Spectrum) 15. Donkey Kong (Amstrad CPC) 16. Donkey Kong (Atari...


    1. Commercial for Game & Watch 2. Saturday Supercade 3. Captain N: The Game Master 4. Donkey Kong Country 5. Japanese commercial for Super Game Boy. 6. Commercial for Donkey Kong Country. 7. Commercial for Donkey Kong Land. 8. Japanese commercial for Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. 9. Japanese commercial for Mario Kart 64. 10. Japanese commercial for Donkey Kong 64. 11. Japanese commercial for Donkey Konga. 12. Japanese commercial for Mario vs. Donkey Kong. 13. Japanese commercial...


    1. Commercial for Donkey Kong. 2. Commercial for Donkey Kong Junior. 3. Commercial for Coleco Tabletop arcade Donkey Kong. 4. Commercial for Donkey Kong (Game Boy). 5. Commercial for Super Smash Bros. 6. Commercial for Super Smash Bros. 7. Japanese commercial for Donkey Kong Land III(Game Boy Color). 8. Japanese commercial for Donkey Kong Country(Game Boy Advance).

    Donkey Kong Country(television series)
    Donkey Kong Country(television series)
    Donkey Kong Country(television series)
    amiibo package
    The Donkey Kong amiibo with the first wave of amiibo.
  4. List of Donkey Kong characters - Wikipedia

    Oct 16, 2020 · Donkey Kong is a series of video games published by Nintendo and created by game designer Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981. The series mainly consists of two genres: single-screen platform/action puzzle games featuring the gorilla Donkey Kong as the main antagonist, and side-scrolling platform games where Donkey Kong and his clan of other apes are the protagonists and player characters who usually ...

    • Donkey Kong Country Legend Of Crystal Coconut 1999 Movie Trailer
    • A Donkey Kong Movie Trailer
    • Donkey Kong in Real Life (Live Action Short Film)
    • Donkey Kong Country Returns Trailer
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    Saturday Supercade

    Donkey Kong Jr., voiced by Frank Welker, is featured as the main protagonist of the cartoon short Donkey Kong Junior from the animated series Saturday Supercade. Here, Donkey Kong Jr., after discovering his father is missing from the circus, decides to track him down with the help of a clumsy biker named Bones.

    Nintendo Adventure Books

    Donkey Kong Jr. makes an appearance in the sixth Nintendo Adventure Book, Doors to Doom; in the book, Mario and Luigi find themselves in Donkey Kong Jr.'s jungle after entering one of the doorways created by Dr. Sporis von Fungenstein. Upon seeing Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong Jr. attacks them, forcing the two to flee. Eventually, after a vine-climbing chase, the Mario Bros. escape Donkey Kong Jr.

    Mario Kart series

    Donkey Kong Jr. appears as a playable character in Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. He is classified as a heavyweight character alongside Bowser. His preferred item is the Banana, with which he would litter the racecourses. His kart has maximum top speeds; however, if he were to drift away from the main course, its speed would decrease greatly. In every Mario Kart title since Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong Jr. has been replaced by the modern Donkey Kong, though he app...

    Physical description

    Donkey Kong Jr. bears a resemblance to his father. He has brown fur and wears a leotard with the letter J on it. His size varies between games, but is usually smaller or about the same size as the current Donkey Kong.


    Donkey Kong Jr. is portrayed as the hero of his own game and a villain of Mario in Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. He always sides with Donkey Kong, and is shown to be athletic and mischievous.

    For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:Donkey Kong Jr..
    Saturday Supercade
    Donkey Kong Jr. (Game & Watch)
    Super Mario Kart
    Donkey Kong (Game Boy)
    Mario's Tennis
    Oddly, several games in which Donkey Kong Jr. appears contain doppelgängers. Such examples of these games include the Game & Watch Gallery series of remastered compilations (which seem to depict Do...
    During development of Donkey Kong Country, Diddy Kong was originally intended to be a redesign of Donkey Kong Jr., though Nintendo did not like the complete redesigning of the character and ordered...
    Unused sprites of Donkey Kong Jr. can be found in the coding of Donkey Kong 3, but he does not appear in the final game.
  5. DK Vine • News

    Oct 15, 2020 · The Donkey Kong Universe can be a tough concept to explain even to seasoned gamers. That's why I've been writing a weekly series of mini-editorials on the history of the DKU on our Facebook page. Now I'm bringing them over to the site! Here's the Classic Era of the DKU, from Donkey Kong Country to Donkey Kong Land III!

  6. Games for the family: an iconic character on a modern console

    1 day ago · At various points in the game, Donkey Kong is able to team with one of the three to use their unique abilities and skills to defeat various enemies. In the game, each of the various family members ride on Donkey Kong’s back and give him two additional hp points or hearts. In the 3DS game within the series, users only play with Diddy Kong, who ...

  7. 3 days ago · Welcome to The Toyark! NECA has shared new photos of their upcoming Back to the Future – Doc Brown Ultimate 7″ Scale Figure.The figure will include two swap out portraits, interchangeable hands, a wrench, a flux capacitor drawing, a letter from Marty, and the blueprints to his mansion.

  8. 5 days ago · Ba-Boom, the Boisterous is the third boss in the game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is a trio of baboon brothers serving as the bosses of Bright Savannah, appearing in the level Triple Trouble. Before the battle, the Kongs notice a Banana Bunch in the air by a wooden pole. As they try to grab it, a baboon slyly snatches the bunch. He then splits into the three members of Ba-Boom ...

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