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  1. Doo Wop (That Thing) By 90s Party People, The 90ers, Tubes 90. More by Tubes 90. 90年代俱乐部欧陆舞曲Mix. Regarde-moi. 90S Hits Running Workout. Le pouvoir ...

  2. From The Residents and Romeo Void, to Leila and The Snakes, The Tubes, and The Lloyds there was a "scene" that could at one moment be playing 10-minute prog-rock extravaganzas to revved up and stripped down versions of classic doo-wop rock and roll. The Tubes were one of many bands in the Bay Area that just didn't fit squarely in any record ...

  3. This fun chime is tuned to the background harmony used in doo-wop music.Specifically, this chime is tuned to a chord (musically speaking, it's a C9 chord) often used in the vocal harmonies of doo-wop music from the 1950s. The term "doo-wop" comes from the signature background vocals of this musical style. With roots in

  4. Those Doo-Wop Days. February 19, 2020. February 19, 2020. , 29. F or our prompt of “Music” today, I thought back to going to diners when I was a kid and enjoying that most amazing invention called a jukebox. This is a sketch of a Wurlitzer that took the world by storm in late 1940’s, going on to become a best-seller.

  5. The Doo-Wop Society of Southern California, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage wider recognition and preservation of 1950s/early '60s vocal group harmony (commonly called doo-wop since the late '60s); we also support both vintage and contemporary vocal groups who perform in that style.

  6. But to get back to the subject. Reverb is far from unheard of in doo-wop, especially in more modern doo wop productions (doo-wop *does* exist past the 50's). And considering pietro specifically mentioned "neo-doo-wop" in his OP, I thought it was appropriate to bring it up.

  7. Gene Pitney left his doo-wop group, The Embers, that he formed in 1959 in Hartford, Conn., and became a major recording star, but soon left recording doo-wop to do pop. As a soloist, he did have a doo-wop hit with a group backing him, the song being a top ten one in 1961, "EVERY BREATH I TAKE".

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