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    Lime, claim to be the largest in the world 56°27′22″N 9°09′59″E  /  56.4561°N 9.1663°E  / 56.4561; 9.1663  ( Daugbjerg Kalkgruber Germany Edit

  2. Kaiserslautern - Wikipedia › wiki › UN

    Kaiserslautern is also home to the Football team 1. FC Kaiserslautern, which achieved the title "Deutscher Meister" (German champions) four times and the wheelchair basketball team FCK Rolling Devils. Kaiserslautern Zoo. The Kaiserslautern Zoo was founded in 1968 and is located in Kaiserslautern's Siegelbach neighbourhood. It is home to many ...

  3. The Nazi-allied government of Bulgaria, led by Dobri Bozhilov, deported a higher percentage of Jews (from the areas of Greece and the Republic of Macedonia that it occupied) to holding camps in Bulgaria and then onto death camps in the north, than did German occupiers in the region.[6][7] In Bulgarian occupied Greece, the Bulgarian authorities ...

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  4. Royalty and World War I | Unofficial Royalty › category › royalty-and

    Kingdom of Bulgaria: Due to feeling responsible for being on the losing side of World War I, Tsar Ferdinand I, born Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, abdicated in favor of his son Boris on October 3, 1918. Ferdinand returned to Coburg, his birthplace, and there on September 10, 1948, at the age of 87.

  5. What happened to the descendants of the last Bulgarian Tsar ... › What-happened-to-the-descendants

    Well the following is known: Ivan Shishman of Tarnovo had 3 sons: * Alexander, his eldest, converted to Islam and became Iskander Bey. He served as a governor in Asia Minor and died in 1402 in battle.

  6. Current Head of Government by Country - ChartsBin › view › 1293

    This map shows Current Head of Government in every country. What is Head of Government? Head of government is the chief officer of the executive branch of a government, often presiding over a cabinet. In a parliamentary system, the head of government is often styled Prime Minister, President of the Government, Premier, etc.

  7. Republic of Ragusa - Unionpedia, the concept map › i › Republic_of_Ragusa

    Dorothea of Bulgaria. Dorothea of Bulgaria (Доротея, Doroteja/Доротеја; died 1390), also called Doroslava (Дорослава), was the first Queen of Bosnia. New!!: Republic of Ragusa and Dorothea of Bulgaria · See more » Dorothy Garai

  8. James III, King of Scots | Unofficial Royalty › james-iii-king-of-scots

    Aug 27, 2017 · James III, King of Scots was the eldest of the four sons and the eldest of the six children of James II, King of Scots and Mary of Guelders.His birth date and birthplace are uncertain: either May 1452 at St. Andrew’s Castle or July 10, 1451 or July 20, 1451 at Stirling Castle.

  9. Slovene and Croatian: South Slavic Languages › europe_2008 › language

    This map (which you can enlarge slightly by clicking it) shows the modern distribution of the Slavic languages, including some spoken by very small language communities. The legend at the lower right lists the three branches separately — West, then South, then East — and attempts to emphasize the distinction with related colors, although ...

  10. King John of England | Unofficial Royalty › king-john-of-england

    King John of England in battle with the Franks (left), Louis VIII of France on the march (right); Credit – Wikipedia In the midst of the First Barons’ War, John was traveling through East Anglia, from Spalding in Lincolnshire to Bishop’s Lynn, in Norfolk, became ill with dysentery , and decided to turn back, taking the longer road route.

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