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  1. THEN AND NOW: The cast of 'Love Actually' 17 years later › then-now-cast-love-actually

    Dec 15, 2020 · He also voices a character in the "Castlevania" TV series, and costarred in the 2019 movie "Pokémon: Detective Pikachu." Another small character who ramped up the R-rating factor was John - a nude body double working on a movie set.

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  2. This movie was truly a game-changer for me. I initially saw it simply because I enjoyed some members of the cast so much (Bale, Caine, Bowie), but I left the theatre in awe. It is such a well-written, layered, intense, character driven story on par with Faustus or Jekyll and Hyde in terms of characters that are overly driven by their obsessions.

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    The Crimebusters are a superhero group that succeeds the Minutemen and are the main characters of Watchmen. The group was short-lived when the Keene Act that forbade non-government sanctioned superheroes was passed. Among its notable members are:

    Key to the success of Watchmen is the wide range of characters it features beyond the 'main' stars. Moore stated in 1988 that, in Watchmen, "we spend a good deal of time with the people on the street. We wanted to spend as much time detailing these characters and making them believable as we did the main characters." Moore and Gibbons deliberately wanted all their characters "to have a place in this vast organic mechanism that we call the world." The fleshing-out of the world was, in Moore's words, to demonstrate that "all the way through the entire series human life is going on with all of its petty entanglements and minor difficulties and all the rest of it."Moore adds that it is possible to see the story as being as much about the supporting as the main characters:

    The HBO television series is set after the events of the original limited series comic, taking place in 2019 in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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    Avenue Q's cast consists of three human characters and eleven puppet characters who interact as if human, Sesame Street–style. The puppets are animated and voiced by puppeteers who are on stage, unconcealed. The puppet and human characters ignore the puppeteers, creating the illusion that the puppets are alive. To assist with the illusion, the puppeteers wear plain gray clothing in contrast to the human characters' colorful costumes. The same puppet may be operated by different puppeteers in different scenes, and the actor voicing the puppet may not be the one animating it. One puppeteer sometimes voices two or more puppets simultaneously. Conversely, the so-called "live-hands" puppets (see Puppets) require two puppeteers – again, in full view of the audience. The show draws inspiration from and imitates the format of children's educational television show Sesame Street. Marx interned at the program early in his career, and all four of the original cast's principal puppeteers – John...


    The musical is scored for bass (acoustic and electric), drums/percussion (drum kit, bell tree, bongos, china cymbal, cowbell, egg shaker, finger cymbals, ice bell, mark tree, ratchet, siren whistle, slide whistle, tambourine, temple blocks, triangle, vibraslap, and wood block), guitars (acoustic, electric, and banjo), reeds (Bb clarinet, alto sax, flute), and two electronic keyboards.

    Other Avenue Q songs

    Nine additional songs were written for Avenue Qor associated promotions, but are not part of the original Broadway production itself. 1. "Tear It Up and Throw It Away": Originally performed early in the first act, between "What Do You Do with a BA in English?" and "If You Were Gay"; Kate is called for jury duty, and Nicky advises her to ignore the summons, pretending it was lost in the mail. ("Your civic duty? Who gives a doody?") Kate tears up the summons and is ticketed for littering. The n...

    The Avenue Q puppets, which cost up to $10,000 each, and require up to 120 hours of hand fabrication per character, were designed and built by original cast member Rick Lyon.Lyon's company, The Lyon Puppets, built and maintained the puppets used in all North American productions, and several of the international productions, including those from the UK, Australia, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, while supervising the construction of those from the Finnish and Swedish productions. Their unusually sturdy construction, with double-stitching, reinforced seams, steel boning, and custom fake fur and feathers, is necessitated by the rigors of an eight-shows-per-week performance schedule. Three distinct types of puppets are used in the show:

    Jeff Marx met Robert Lopez at a songwriting class at the BMI Workshop. As part of the workshop, the two decided to write songs for a speculative Muppet movie based on "Hamlet" called Kermit, Prince of Denmark. Encouraged by the class response to their songs, they decided to have someone actually performing a puppet present a song, since they were writing them for puppets. Through mutual friends, they contacted Rick Lyon, who agreed to perform Kermit singing a song in their class. He performed a Kermit replica puppet while sitting on a stool in full view of the audience. This visible puppeteer approach became a key component of Avenue Q. "Kermit, Prince of Denmark" was pitched to, but was ultimately turned down by, the Henson family.[citation needed] The duo then decided to create a new show, with original puppet characters, which was a parody of Sesame Street. Lyon created the puppets. Avenue Qwas originally conceived as a show for television, but following a public reading presente...


    Avenue Q ran Off-Broadway at the Vineyard Theatre for 72 performances from March 19 through May 4, 2003. The musical won the 2003 Lucille Lortel Award for Best Musical and Outstanding Sound Design (Brett Jarvis). It was nominated for the Lucille Lortel Award for Outstanding Director (Jason Moore), Outstanding Choreographer (Ken Roberson) and Outstanding Scenic Design (Anna Louizos). It won the 2003–2004 Outer Critics Circle Award, Outstanding Ensemble Performance and Puppet Artistry and the 2...


    Avenue Q opened on Broadway at the John Golden Theatre on July 31, 2003, following previews from July 10. The production was directed by Jason Moore and choreographed by Ken Roberson, with set design by Anna Louizos, costume design by Mirena Rada, lighting design by Howell Binkley, musical supervision by Stephen Oremus, musical direction by Gary Adler, and puppet design and execution by cast member Rick Lyon. It was produced by Kevin McCollum, Robyn Goodman, and Jeffrey Seller.The show was no...

    Las Vegas

    In September 2005, Avenue Q opened at the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas under a production contract that precluded Avenue Qtours in North America during the Las Vegas run. A new 1,200-seat theater was built especially for the show. Variations from the Broadway production included a new reprise of "It Sucks to Be Me" for Princeton at the top of Act Two, some new orchestrations, a trimmed "The Money Song," and a new rock arrangement of "There Is Life Outside Your Apartment," as well as a f...

    Avenue Q and Music Theatre International collaborated on the Avenue Q: School Editionto facilitate production of the musical by high school drama departments. Most of the profanity and sexual themes are removed from the script and score, and two songs ("My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada" and "You Can Be As Loud as the Hell You Want") are removed. "The Internet Is for Porn" is replaced with "My Social Life Is Online", and Trekkie's obsession with pornography is replaced by an obsession with social networking sites. The characters Mrs. Thistletwat and Lucy the Slut are renamed Mrs. Butz and Lucy, respectively. The scenes involving the Bad Idea Bears are altered to deemphasize alcohol.

    On September 30, 2004, the day of the first Bush–Kerry presidential debate, on a stage set up in Times Square, the cast of Avenue Q presented their version of the debate, called Avenue Q&A, with portrait puppets of Bush and Kerry created by Rick Lyon. Eighteen television networks covered the event. Lyon operated the Bush puppet, while Jennifer Barnhart operated the Kerry puppet. Each puppet sang responses to questions from Avenue Q's concerned residents, and the whole cast sang "Vote Your Heart" (see Other Songs above) to the rain-drenched crowd. Rod (played by Tartaglia) moderated the mock-debate. Also in 2004, Rod and Tartaglia appeared on the syndicated game show Hollywood Squares. Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa puppets created by Lyon hosted the first few minutes of an episode of Live with Regis and Kelly. In addition, Rod and John Tartaglia did "man on the street"-style interviews on the 2005 NBC broadcast of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Rod and John also appeared alongsid...

    The original cast recording was made on August 10, 2003, at Right Track Studio A in New York City, produced by Grammy Award winner Jay David Saks for RCA Victor. The album contains almost all of the music from the show, with the original Broadway cast and orchestra. Released on October 6, 2003, it has been in the top ten of the Billboard Top Cast Album Chart since the chart's launch on January 12, 2006. It was nominated in the Musical Show Album category for a 2004 Grammy Award. According to Playbill, it was likely the first cast recording to use a Parental Advisorylabel.

    Avenue Qreceived nearly unanimous favorable reviews, both nationally and internationally. The New York Times theatre critic Ben Brantley called it a "...savvy, sassy and eminently likable...breakthrough musical", and compared its potential long-term influence to West Side Story and The King and I. The New Yorker described it as " ingenious combination of 'The Real World' and Sesame Street". The Times described it as " Friendsmight be if it had Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy arguing about their one-night stand, but with more angst, expletives and full-on puppet sex." Avenue Q made Entertainment Weekly's 2010 end-of-the-decade "best-of" list: "This 2003 smash musical is Sesame Streetfor grown-ups, with filthy-minded puppets who teach useful lessons like 'The Internet Is for Porn.' Somewhere, Big Bird is molting."

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    The Body Double. by. Emily Beyda (Goodreads Author) 2.83 · Rating details · 791 ratings · 214 reviews. A strange man discovers our nameless narrator selling popcorn at a decrepit small-town movie theater and offers her an odd and lucrative position: she will forget her job, her acquaintances, even her name, and move to Los Angeles, where she ...

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  6. Evan Peters' Favorite American Horror Story Episodes › american-horror-story-show-evan

    Jun 19, 2021 · The show is known for its recurring cast members as they take on new horrific scenarios, plots, and characters in each season. Actors Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, notable for appearing in each year since season 1, were both absent from season 9, AHS: 1984. The beloved duo will both make a return for the upcoming 10th season AHS: Double Feature.

  7. Charlize Theron's 10 Best Characters, Ranked From Heroic To ... › best-charlize-theron-characters

    Oct 31, 2020 · RELATED: The 5 Best & 5 Worst Heists In Movie History. Stella is not a criminal like the other members of the crew and had actually been using her safecracking skills to help the police. Her motives for the robbery are pretty justified, but she is still a criminal in the end. 4 Charlotte Field - The Long Shot (2019)

  8. Jul 26, 2010 · The Last Airbender Casting Controversy began in December of 2008, when Entertainment Weekly published the list of the leading cast members for the upcoming film The Last Airbender, based on Nickelodeon’s animated TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Many fans were outraged to see that director M. Night Shyamalan had chosen an all-white cast to play the leading characters, who were all ...

  9. 10 Golden Hollywood Scandals That Were Covered Up - Listverse › 2019/02/28 › 10-golden-hollywood

    Feb 28, 2019 · Unfortunately, it seems that the movie business has attracted scandal since its birth. In addition, to maintain the reputation of its stars, studios have always hired fixers, double dealers, and outright shysters to do the dirty work for them. Here are 10 scandals from the Golden Age of Hollywood that they tried to cover up.

  10. The 20 Best Cult Movies of The 2010s - Movie Reviews and ... › 2019 › the-20-best-cult-movies-of

    Dec 03, 2019 · Rutger Hauer is the eponymous homeless avenger who takes on the Drake (Brian Downey), a sadistic crime boss––sadistic being an understatement––and his cruel sons (Nick Bateman and Robb Wells), who rule over Hope Town with an iron fist.

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